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Chuck D Protesting U.S. Immigration Laws Through Fine Art

Chuck D has announced a new art project focused on showcasing the potential dangers of America's current immigration policies...

Chuck D has announced a new art project focused on showcasing the potential dangers of America’s current immigration policies.

Named “By the Time I Got to Arizona,” the painting was made in collaboration with Ravi Dosaj. The SceneFour artist gained immense recognition in Hip-Hop circles when the Village Voice named his art project with the RZA, Victory or Death, the “Greatest Painting of 2010.”

Chuck explains his concept as “a future Arizona border created in a sophisticated collage utilizing a cache of recognizable figures (created over the last 100 years) to show how our ‘nation of immigrants’ has been lost to legislation.” The piece will feature over 30 hidden messages, historical figures and lyrics for the viewer to decipher. This ties in with the piece’s name, with derives from Public Enemy’s 1991 protest song “By the Time I Get To Arizona,” which lambasted then Arizona governor Evan Mecham for not recognizing Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday as a national holiday.

500 drafts of the painting have been created, and will become available on March 4. More information is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks via and

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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