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Bradley-Alexander Final Press Conference Quotes [VIDEO]

Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander turned in their final quotes yesterday for Saturday night's big fight....

Timothy Bradley and Devon Alexander turned in their final quotes yesterday for Saturday night’s big fight. Both guys will meet again later this afternoon for their official weigh-in. Check back later for additional coverage and a prediction on the fight’s winner.


“It’s just a couple of days before the fight.  I’m ready.  I am focused and ready to do my job.  I get a vibe that Devon is going to fight and trade with me and I love it.

“Don’t miss it.  It’s going to be a great fight.  Devon’s ready to go and so am I.  The winner of this fight will be a superstar, a new ‘face’ in boxing. 

“This fight is not too early.  This is the best fighting the best.  When the fans demanded this fight, I had no choice.  But I think this fight is too early for Devon.  He’s 23.  He’s too young.  I’m 27 and seasoned.  It’s my time.  It’s destiny.  I’m going to be the winner. 

“I want a legacy.  I’m not calling out anybody after I win.  I want to know who the fans want me to fight next.”


“This is what I love, what I’ve been wanting for all my life.  I’m 120 percent ready for this fight.  I’m ready to rock and roll.

“Come Saturday night, you will see me victorious.”


“All the talking is over.  You don’t need talk because you’ve got two world champions who are undefeated and ready to fight.

“Devon is ready to blaze.  Timmy’s ready to roll.  Devon’s going to deliver on Saturday night.”

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