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Cotto-Mayorga News Conference Tomorrow in NYC

According to eyewitnesses, Mayorga attempted to intimidate Cotto with several threatening words and gestures...


Tomorrow (January 19), Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga will kick off their media tour with a visit to New York City’s B.B. Kings.

The Times Square event will be the first public meeting between the fighters. Earlier today, the above picture was snapped when the two men meet for a photo shoot. According to eyewitnesses, Mayorga attempted to intimidate Cotto with several threatening words and gestures.

The news conference is significant as the first event Don King and Bob Arum have co-promoted in five years. The undercard bouts will feature Christy Martin vs. Gloria Allred, and Yuri Foreman vs. Pawel Wolak. Each fighter will be in attendance tomorrow.

The March 12 card will be on Showtime PPV, the company’s first since the November 2007 airing of Fernando Vargas vs. Ricardo Mayorga.

The news conference begins at 11:30 AM EST, and will be available to stream at


I’ve never seen Miguel Cotto intimidated by an opponent going into a fight. And from the look on his face in the above picture, I don’t expect him to start now.

I’m interested to see how over-the-top Mayorga goes to sell this fight. He’ll need to be in rare form, as this isn’t a fight anyone clamored for. Sure, people would watch if it were placed on Showtime Championship Boxing. The pay-per-view move is harder to predict. Cotto had the highest rated HBO Championship Boxing show last year when he faced Yuri Foreman at Yankee Stadium. We’ll see how that translates in 2011.

As for the actual fight, it’ll be fun while it lasts. Unless Mayorga lands a home run shot, or does a séance to channel a 2008 Antonio Margarito, expect the newly disciplined, Manny Steward version of Cotto to pick the free-swinging Nicaraguan apart.


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  1. Mayorga looks 20 lbs overweight in the photo. Whatever, I guess March is a long way away, but this match-up is a steaming pile of crap.

    Christy Martin is still fighting? And this soon after attemped murder? WTF? Cashing in one last time? Yuck.

    I kinda like Yuri Foreman but he was completely exposed by Cotto. What does fighting on the undercard do? This Pawel Wolak cat is 28-1 with 18 KOs – all unknown opponents – so I guess this is a come-back/tune-up. But I can’t see Foreman ever beating Kermit Cintron or Alfredo Angulo, so why would we pay to see this fight either? Are they actually trying to set-up a rematch? Fuckouttahere.

    Bring on Alexander-Bradley!!!

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