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David Haye Steamrolls Audley Harrison In Three Rounds

"Ask around, I told everyone that I would knock him out in three rounds," Haye claimed. "No way was he going into the fourth round"

David Haye proved what most critics and fans knew from the start; that Audley Harrison did not deserve to be in the same ring with him. The WBA champion made his second successful title defense, knocking out Harrison in a dominant third round.

The first two rounds were very slow, causing the 20,000 plus fans at the MEN Arena to reign down boos on both men. Harrison hardly threw any punches, and tried to fight off the backfoot and counter. Haye moved forward, but was very cautious of being reckless. In the second, Haye received a few cheers by catching Harrison with several straight right hands.

When Haye let his hands go with bad intentions in the third, Audley Harrison had no chance. Up close, Haye stunned him with a short right hook. Harrison tried to cover up, but Haye mixed the hooks with uppercuts and dropped him to his knees.

Harrison just barely beat the count. His reward was another quick Haye assault, which resulted in the referee stepping in as Harrison reeled back into the ropes.

In the post-fight interview, David Haye boasted that he chose the third to open up because he and his family bet huge money on that round. He claimed that Harrison could have been disposed of in round one.

“Ask around, I told everyone that I would knock him out in three rounds,” Haye claimed. “No way was he going into the fourth round”

Regarding the Klitschkos, David Haye promised to fight either brother in early 2011.

“I know there’s no where else for those guys to go,” Haye said. “They’re fighting the Hasim Rahmans and Shannon Briggs. They’re fighting the guys everyone’s bored of…No one wants to see them fight anonymous Americans…They have to come to the table and talk sense.

The win improves David Haye’s record to 25-1 with 23 KOs. Audley Harrison falls to 27-5 with 20 KOs.


Audley Harrison landed one punch, a jab, in three rounds! That’s all you need to know about this fight.

David Haye needs to keep his word and get matters done with the Klitschkos. Audley Harrison just financed his retirement.


  1. after all the talking… same old harrison, scared to throw punches and fight!!! smh this was his ONE chance that He didnt really deserve and he couldnt make ago of it, i feel sorry for him tbh this morning when he watches the fight over hes gonna say that he didnt do his best… like we all said from the beginning, a ridiculous fight to make… give us the kiltschko fight or nothing…. funny the more i watched all the talking and build up, the more i thought there might be an upset lmao @ me getting sucked into the hype haha

  2. oooh, did anyone see the george groves fight before haye??? dude has got mad heart… if he sorts his defense out hes gonna be champ one day… him v de gale next. i hope so

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