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Freeway Ricky Ross Loses Trademark Lawsuit Against Rapper Rick Ross

On Monday (November 1), a southern California district judge dismissed "Freeway" Rick Ross' trademark infringement lawsuit against Miami emcee Rick Ross...

On  Monday (November 1), a southern California district judge dismissed “Freeway” Rick Ross’ trademark infringement lawsuit against Miami emcee Rick Ross.

“Freeway” Ricky Ross originally filed his suit in May, claiming that the rapper used his life story as the basis for a cocaine kingpin rap persona. “Freeway” Ross was released from prison last year after serving 13 years for attempting to buy 100 kilos of cocaine from an undercover agent.

The court ruled that Ricky Ross’ claim of his name holding financial merit was not valid. Since he admitted his reputation came from participation in Los Angeles’ drug scene through the 80’s and 90’s, the court declared “Freeway” Ricky Ross could not claim a trademark violation on illegal activity.

This is the second time the case has been dismissed. In July, “Freeway” Ricky Ross filed an appeal after unsuccessfully trying to stop the release of Rick Ross’ Teflon Don album. 

At press time, neither party has commented on the ruling.


There’s quite a bit of irony in a former criminal having his name “stolen” from him.

It’s not up for debate whether Rick Ross created his image from “Freeway” Ricky. The beard is obvious, along with the heavy emphasis on cocaine talk. But no one ever confused the two, or thought Rick Ross was ever a legit drug kingpin. Anyone who fell into the facade got a nice wakeup call when the Smoking Gun revealed Ross’ true, legal background as a former corrections officer  in 2008 (a fact the Miami emcee shamefully lied about).

I’m sure “Freeway” Ross was hoping to maybe get the exposure that Frank Lucas received with American Gangster. That one case is an anomaly, because most O.G.’s end up with a nondescript hood DVD telling their story.

It’s too bad for “Freeway” Ricky, but I hope he keeps his word and continues working with youths about the dangers of drugs and the mistakes he’s made. “Freeway” Ricky has a lot to atone for.


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