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Beanie Sigel Facing Prison Time Over Income Tax Evasion

If convicted, Sigel would face a $300,000 fine and three years in federal prison. Previously. served a year in prison for a 2004 conviction on federal weapons charges.

Beanie Sigel will be back in court soon to answer federal charges for three years of alleged income tax evasion.

Prosecutors have filed a case alleging Sigel (Dwight Grant) has failed to pay taxes on income made from 2003-2005. According to U.S. attorney prosecution Zane David Memeger, Sigel made approximately $1.54 million dollars during that period.

If convicted, Sigel would face a $300,000 fine and three years in federal prison. Previously, Beanie Sigel served a year in prison for a 2004 conviction on federal weapons charges.

The Philadelphia emcee has made five solo albums since 2000, with two certified gold (The Truth, The Reason) and total estimated sales of 2.1 million.

At press time, Beanie Sigel could not be reached for comment.


When Method Man was arrested last year for owing $33,000 in back taxes, he told the press that there would be more rappers suffering the same fate. Those words have proved to be very prophetic. Since then, we’ve seen Swizz Beatz, Nas, Young Buck, and now Beanie Sigel have to answer similar allegations. 

This is nothing new in the rap game. In the 90s, the Fresh Prince and Hammer experienced big financial problems due to back taxes (in Will Smith’s case, signing on with NBC for “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” saved him). And outside of Hip-Hop everyone remember the famous situation of TLC, who filed bankruptcy in 1995 despite having sold nearly 15 million albums by that time.

I can tell you being around artists that Biggie’s mantra of “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems” holds true. Forget just being an artist; nearly everyone that’s been in the workforce for some years has owed taxes at some point (me included). With entertainers things get more complicated. With so many people around them, it’s quite easy to miss things if you’re aren’t on top of your game or too trustful of the wrong person(s). And when things hit the fan, the artist usually take the blame by themselves.

As long as we have an entertainment industry, we’ll continue to hear stories like this. Unfortunatlely for Beans, it’s probably too late to work out a settlement.


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