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Fabolous & Soulja Boy to End Beef Tonight on DJ Clue’s Radio Show

"Soulja Boy's biggest hits weren't on his albums. They were on his dresser in a hotel room with Kat Stacks," he clowned. "Thank Soulja's coke habit. Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy are not Soulja Boy's friends. They are Soulja's coke habit ATL connects."
Photo Credit: Johnny Nunez

DJ Clue has announced the Twitter-based feud between Soulja Boy and Fabolous will come to end tonight (September 8) on his Power 105 radio show in New York.

“The Soulja Boy and Fabolous episode is over,” DJ Clue declared today. “All you haters that wanted to see dumb shit pop off, go jump in a lake!”

Over the last several days, Soulja Boy and Fabolous have dissed each other and exchanged borderline threats. Soulja Boy initiated the hostilities on the grounds that Fabolous previously disrespected him with comments about his relationship with celebrity Hip-Hop groupie Kat Stacks, and alleged use of cocaine. As late as yesterday, Soulja Boy was still dissing and challenged Fabolous to a freestyle battle.

“I will murder that nigga Fab in a freestyle battle he garbage compared to Soulja Boy,” he Tweeted on Tuesday (September 7). “   I tell you what Fabolous get yo’ weak ass on wax and spit them weak ass bars so I can shit on you boy.”

For his part, Fabolous has treated his younger peer as a joke despite members of his camp like Paul Cain being more forceful with their words. In his Tweets yesterday, Fabolous ridiculed Soulja Boy further.

“Soulja Boy’s biggest hits weren’t on his albums. They were on his dresser in a hotel room with Kat Stacks,” he clowned. “Thank Soulja’s coke habit. Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy are not Soulja Boy’s friends. They are Soulja’s coke habit ATL connects.”

According to DJ Clue, both men will be live on Power 105 tonight at 8PM to public resolve their issues.


In the right hands Twitter can be a very useful tools for artists. It allows for direct contact and promotion with fans. It’s also a way for artists to clear up rumors before they gain traction. But in the wrong hands, it can create nonsense and result in artists (mainly rappers) making themselves look like fools.

Twitter-beefing is always stupid. If emcees want to test their skills in a battle, that is Hip-Hop and more than acceptable. All the other BS comes off as silly. In this case, Fab never took Soulja Boy seriously while SB was obviously very upset about the whole matter.

We’ll see what both men have to say about the matter tonight.

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