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James Toney on Randy Couture: “I’m the best fighter he’s ever fought in his life!”

"I'm a superior athlete," Toney said. "I'm the best fighter that Randy Couture has ever fought in his life...He knows that as a fighter."

Boxing veteran James Toney remains supremely confident heading into his MMA debut this Saturday night (August 28) against UFC legend Randy Couture.

Toney has not fought in boxing since scoring a second round KO of journeyman Michael Greer last September. He believes the difference in this fight will be his skill, claiming that Couture has never faced a fighter of his caliber in MMA.

“I’m a superior athlete,” Toney said. “I’m the best fighter that Randy Couture has ever fought in his life…He knows that as a fighter.”

Toney’s UFC blog can be viewed below


“The lion is king of the jungle, but throw him in a shark tank and he becomes just another meal”

Renzo Gracie

James Toney hasn’t been a king in any weight class for since the end of his cruiserweight run, but the above quote still applies.

Despite his wealth of boxing knowledge, Toney’s chances in this fight are very slim. Couture is not going to exchange strikes and will look to take Toney down immediately. And take down defense is not something you can become an expert at in just a few months.

James Toney is never going to have a body builder frame even when in shape, but what’s promising for his fans is the amount of work he’s putting into his upper body. He seems prepared for a lot grappling and may surprise Couture with his strength.

I’ve always believed that boxing and MMA could make some good money cross-promoting with each other. But this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. It’s definitely a side-show that’s not worthy of PPV.

But if James Toney somehow pulls off the win, the Sherdog forums would implode Saturday night.

On the boxing front, James Toney’s fall has been one of the biggest disappointments of the past decade. After he defeated Vassily Jirov in a cruiserweight war and then easily TKO’d Evander Holyfield in 2003, I thought heavyweight boxing might have had a modern-day Archie Moore on its hands.

Instead injuries, bad training habits, and steroid usage caught with Toney over the next three years. His last hurrah was a spirited split decision loss to Samuel Peter 2006. Since then (including the rematch), Toney has been unable to regain the slick counter-punching form that earned him Fighter of the Year honors in 2003. And now at 42, it’s unlikely that form will ever return.

Will James Toney turn back the clock this Saturday in another combat sport? I wouldn’t bet on it, but I’ll be rooting for the man known as “Light’s Out.”

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