Evander Holyfield in Talks to Face Vitali Klitschko

Posted: August 12, 2010 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Fight News
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47-year-oldĀ Evander Holyfield will return to the ring on November 5thĀ against journeyman Sherman Williams. But the aged former heavyweight champion has his true sights set on facing WBC titlistĀ VitaliĀ Klitschko in early 2011.

Holyfieldā€™s last fight was a knockout victory over Francois Botha in April. The PPVĀ bout put the Real Deal back in the win column after losing a highly disputedĀ decision to then WBAĀ titlistĀ Nikolai Valuev in Switzerland.

HolyfieldĀ has refused to retire until he achieves a personal goal of once again being heavyweight champion. His manager Ken Sanders told ESPN yesterday (August 11) that heā€™s obtained clearance from WBC president Jose SulaimanĀ to have Holyfield fight for their title should he defeat Sherman Williams in November.

“What we are going to do is have this fight and then either in January or February, we hope to be able to fight VitaliĀ KlitschkoĀ for the WBC belt,” Sanders detailed. “I have spoken already to the WBC and [president] Jose SulaimanĀ has already blessed it for me. I am speaking to the Klitschko people and I think they will do it.”

Klitschkoā€™s last fight was a one-sided 10thĀ round KO over Albert Sosnowski.

HolyfieldĀ has gone 3-2 in his last five fights, with those losses coming in title matches to Sultan IbragimovĀ and Nikolai Valuev.


Evander HolyfieldĀ is a ring tragedy waiting to happen. Back in 2005, the New York Athletic Commission banned Holyfield from competing in there on the ground of ā€œdiminishing skills.ā€

But at this stage the only thing thatā€™s going to stop Evander HolyfieldĀ is a horrific, one-sided beating from one of the champions. His last two title shot losses have been decisions, one of which being controversial. In his mind, Holyfield is still confident he can compete at the highest level.

Aside from a few heavyweight names like Gene Tunney, Rocky Marciano and Lennox Lewis, most heavyweight champs stick around far past their expiration date. For most of them itā€™s a combination of wanting glory and needing money, as it appears to be with Holyfield.

We can only hope his future quality of life isnā€™t too badly affected by the fights he continues to take.


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