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Don’t adjust your screens. This grainy footage is an atmospheric teaser look into the origin of the feral girl seen in the previous Logan trailers. Know as X-23 aka Laura Kinney in the comics, fans will be immediately pick up on the similarities to Logan’s experimentation in the Weapon X program.

Logan hits theaters on March 3.




The young mutant X-23 pops her claws and shows off her brutal skills in the final trailer for the much-anticipated Logan. This trailer shows Logan’s value to her as a reluctant mentor hoping the quell her savagery, much like Wolverine had to do in the wake of escaping the Weapon X program.

The most interesting scene comes early when we see Logan and Professor X discussing an X-Men comic book. This signals to the viewer that the passage of time has reduced the superteam to myth status.

Logan hits theaters March 3.