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We’re arrived at the fourth and final trailer for the much-anticipated Wonder Woman movie dropping June 2. This time we get more insight on the immense danger to mankind that Dr. Poison represents, and also some more clips expanding on Diana’s motivations for leaving her homeland. So far, there’s nothing we’ve seen that would make you believe this film won’t deliver. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.



Justice for all! The long-awaited trailer for Justice League is here. Heavy emphasis is placed on the newcomers to the DC cinematic universe, namely Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash.

The tone and look of the movie will give you flashbacks of Suicide Squad, which can be good or terrible depending on your stance on that film. Trendy music and jokes abound so the success of Justice League will come down to how well they pace the new character origins against the looming threat of Darkseid and his minions. And perhaps most importantly, it looks like we’re finally getting a project where Aquaman gets some god damned respect!

The absence of Superman looms large, but it’s hard to imagine we don’t see the the team’s flagship leader resurrected (note the Lois Lane appearance). All questions get answered in November.


In the much-anticipated second trailer for Wonder Woman, fans get a closer look at Diana’s homeland of Themyscria. We see her intense training as a young prodigy which later translates to her deadly fighting skills. Also, a mysterious phrase (“She must never know what she is.”) makes us wonder about Diana’s true nature. Is she more than just an Amazon?

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.



The world’s favorite Amazon takes center stage with the official trailer for summer 2017’s Wonder Woman. The two-minute clip gives us a little more backstory on Diana’s motivations for leaving her homeland and involving herself in World War I (“The War to End All Wars”). In addition, we get more glimpses of the “Woman in the Mask,” played by Elena Anaya. Who she is has’t been confirmed yet, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that she’s Morgaine Le Fey or Circe, two prominent Wonder Woman villains.

The film hits theaters on June 2, 2017.



Batman and Superman get an assist from Wonder Woman in the latest trailer for Dawn of Justice. Between Lex Luthor’s snarky personality and the banter between Bats and Supes at Wonder Woman’s appearance, this film looks to have a bit more humor than what we saw in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25.


Comic Con attendees got another treat with the second official trailer for Batman vs. Superman. Along for the ride are a young, long-haired Lex Luthor, and a battle-ready Wonder Woman.