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LONDON — Welcome to the Anthony Joshua era. The undefeated fighter staked his claim to heavyweight supremacy by overcoming a sixth round knockdown to stop former undisputed champion and future Hall of Famer Wladimir Klitschko in 11 rounds before 90,000 rabid fans at Wembley Stadium.

Although Klitschko displayed spry footwork in the early rounds, it was Joshua who was the active puncher. The titlist kept Klitschko backpeadling with pushing jabs and overhand rights. However, Klitschko remained dangerous by catching most of those shots on the gloves and landed several strong right hands in the second and fourth.


A dramatic fifth round saw Joshua storm out and hurt Klitschko with a clubbing right hand. He continued the blitzing assault to cut Klitschko over the left eye and score a knockdown. The challenger proved resilient by crashing in multiple left hooks to stun a fatigued Joshua to close the stanza.

It would be the patented Klitschko 1-2 followed by a left hook that produced the most perilous moment of Joshua’s career in round six. He was dropped early in the round and forced to survive off the backfoot as Klitschko pursued with lead hooks. Klitschko built his momentum further by controlling the action with a ramrod jab in rounds 7-8.


Gradually, Joshua worked his way back into the fight. He outworked Klitshko in rounds 9-10 by focusing his attack on the body. However, Klitschko still was in a position to close the bout, as evidenced by a heavy right handĀ that punctuated the 10th.

Joshua seized the final advantage in the 11th by exploiting Klitschko’s clinching. He rocked the former champion with a vicious right uppercut that lead to another knockdown. Joshua quickly floored Klitschko again with a right hand for a third knockdown. Klitschko rose again but was trapped in a corner and unable to hold, forcing the referee to call the bout.

Joshua improves to 19-0 and is now the unified IBF and WBA champion. A rematch clause is in place. Should Klitschko not exercise it, Joshua named-checked domestic rival and lineal champion Tyson Fury as a potential opponent.








LONDON — Carl Forch closed the book on his most heated and dangerous rivalry with a thunderous right that floored George Groves for an eighth round stoppage tonight at a sold-out Wembley Arena.

As with most big rematches, both fighters were highly respectful of each other’s abilities and wary in the early rounds of making mistakes. This slightly favored Groves, who was able to get off with jabs and land a few eye-catching rights through four rounds despite Froch’s cautious aggression.

Starting in the fifth, Froch turned up his aggression via body shots and a right hand that stunned Groves to end the stanza. The champion continued coming forward in the sixth as Groves’ offense degraded to jabs, while Froch mixed up his rights to the head with concerted body work.

The challenger appeared to have adjusted to Froch’s attacks by the seventh via a strong left hook to start the round and controlling the action with a solid left jab. However, Groves made a fatal mistake of keeping his lead hand low and attempting a wide left hook, allowing Froch to crash home a counter right cross that sent Groves sprawling to the canvas.

The awkward landing folded Groves’ left leg under him as he laid motionless for several seconds, prompting the referee to forego a count and award Froch what he deemed the most satisfying win of his career.

“I’m feeling unbelievably elated. This is the best moment of my boxing career,” Froch toldĀ Sky Sports Box Office.Ā “I’ve been involved in some magnificent fights with some top world champions but this is by far the biggest and best crowd I’ve boxed in front of, it’s the biggest event I’ve ever been part of and I’m very, very proud.”

With the conclusive finish, both fighters finally had nothing but praise for each other.

“George Groves should also be very proud,” Froch added. “It was neck-and-neck in here, let’s be honest – there was nothing in it. One punch can be all you need and unfortunately for George, he was on the end of a very heavy right hand.”

“Fair play to Carl, he caught me and I went down,” admitted Groves. “I felt I was doing very well – I was in my groove, boxing well – but I’ve got to hold my hands up: he caught me with a shot. I’ll come back bigger, better and stronger. I feel like I let myself down but congratulations to Carl.”

The win marks Froch’s third WBA and fifth IBF defense since losing to Andre Ward in the 2011 Super Six final. Along with a potential Ward rematch, Froch has also previously mentioned Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.Ā as a possible opponent.



The biggest rematch of the year happens this Saturday (May 31) when George Groves seeks revenge against Carl Froch, the man who took a controversial stoppage win over him last November. Unlike the first bout, Froch has been much more comfortable with Groves’ trash-talk and taken the lead in most of their face to face encounters. Today, the Cobra talks about the respect he’s gained for Groves’ ability,Ā and why that still won’t be prevent him from delivering a severe beating to his young rival this Saturday.

Discuss the first fight against George Groves & what can fans expect to see in the rematch.

For me to be involved in such a big event like this, it’s a very proud moment.

Through my whole career as a professional, I’ve never fought at a stadium. It ticks one of the boxes for me. Not many boxers get the chance to fight in an outdoor event, especially a stadium as fantastic as Wembley.

We’re going to get closure on this whole Carl Froch-George Groves saga. I’m really looking forward to putting on this display and putting him behind me in this fabulous stadium, in the capital city, on Sky Sports Box Office. It doesn’t get any bigger than this for British boxing.

I’m in a much better place this time and there’s certainly not anything he’s going to say that’s going to wind me up. It’s impossible. The hatred started when George was being really disrespectful and playing down my performances and writing me off.

BOXINGI thought to myself ‘hang on a minute, I’m world champion. I deserve a little bit more respect.’ But there’s nothing he can say now that is going to get under my skin.

You can slip into what we call the comfort zone where you are trying to do things comfortably just to get through the session sometimes. I always put the work in in the gym physically with what I need to do.

But sometimes your mind is not always there and it’s sort of just getting through the session rather than really digging in and then getting stuck into the session.

So that’s where I am at now, I’m getting stuck in and thinking about what I am doing and concentrating a lot more in the gym than what I did for the first fight.


I’m guilty of not giving George Groves the respect he deserves in the first fight. It was difficult to because he was talking so much trash. George Groves had not boxed anyone ranked in the top 15 in the world. That’s the facts.

He still hasn’t beaten anyone ranked in the top 15 in the world, because the only person he did fight was me and let’s not forget that result. It was a round nine stoppage. But I do need to give him a little more attention, a little more boxing respect and go in there totally focused and totally prepared, which I wasn’t in the first fight.

I get to do it all over again, but this time I’ll finish the job properly, finish it conclusively and leave no question marks. I’m so excited that I’m going to give George Groves an absolute pasting in front of such a big crowd on a massive event. I cannot wait.

Froch vs. Goves II takes place Saturday, May 31 live on HBO beginning at 4:00 p.m. ET/PT.