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You that ghostwriter that couldn’t write a hit for yourself…

We didn’t think Uncle Murda would take the Skillz diss lying down, did we? Using Biggie’s “Long Kiss Goodnight” as a backdrop, Murda brags about taking Skillz’s wrap up and his “washed up” career. Like I said earlier, Murda would have some issues crafting a detailed response since their isn’t much bad info out there about Skillz. This is probably the last disses we’ll hear from either side until the 2018 Rap Up. And if so, I give Skillz the W.



You a comedian/ We don’t come to you for bars/ We straight/ On top of that you fake/ You signed to G Unit 10 years too late!

A sleeping giant has awakened. After Uncle Murda threw some shots on wax with his version of the “Rap Up” and then took it further with a disrespectful DM, Skillz has decided to unleash some lethal bars on “Murda Gram.” He breaks down the full origin of the beef while deconstructing Murda’s style and standing amongst the legacy of Brooklyn emcees (and goes on to name a bunch of past and present rappers better than him).

Uncle Murda has an uphill battle (no pun intended) with this one. He doesn’t have the high ground since he shamelessly bit the “Rap Up” concept, and there’s really not any dirt on Skillz out there. And Murda’s not witty enough to put together a diss like this and frankly, empty gun talk threats and adlibs ain’t gonna cut it.

Not even a week into the year and a body has already been caught…

Mad Skillz vs. Uncle Murda – “2017 Rap Up”

Posted: January 1, 2018 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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For another year, we have dueling “Rap Ups” with Mad Skillz and Uncle Murda both dropping versions to close out 2017. In a way, it’s pretty foul that Murda bit Skillz’s idea that he’s been doing faithfully since 2002. On the other hand, Hip-Hop is based on competition and steel sharpens steel.

Skillz has the better production going over the Power theme and covers a lot of ground. But for sheer audacity and funny bars, you can’t go wrong with Murda’s version, where he throws shots at everyone from Russell Simmons and Bobby Valentino to K. Michelle and even Skillz.

Check them out and decide on the winner.



Producer Scram Jones’s new track is a perfect soundtrack for listeners with homicidal tendencies. Ironically, this NYC driveby anthem takes inspiration from Future hook for “Shit.” No word yet on if Scram is prepping a new project.


[Video] Uncle Murda x Young M.A – “Thot”

Posted: February 1, 2017 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Uncle Murda and Young M.A are both feeling the pain of trying to wife women of ill repute on “Thot.” I’m going to need M.A to NEVER try to sing again. The video is directed by Eif Rivera.


Troy Ave was shot and his manager BSB Banga killed by unidentified assailants last night during a T.I. concert at NYC’s Union Square.

The venue-clearing incident occurred during the set of Brooklyn’s Maino and Uncle Murda. Eyewitness accounts a fight happened near the backstage entrance and spilled on stage. Shots rang out as another fight broke out on the concert floor.

Representatives for Troy Ave confirmed to Karen Civil that he was grazed by a bullet. In addition to BSB Banga, another man and woman were shot.

At press time, police have not confirmed any suspects.



Now this is a collaboration you don’t see everyday. Brooklyn’s Uncle Murda tries his version of lean-drenched autotune rap to surprisingly catchy results. Since Future’s sound dictates the record, he remains in cruise control throughout.