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Nothing to see here, just A$AP Rocky doing surgery to repair Tyler the Creator’s mutilated face. Directed by Wolf Haley, Tyler’s latest delivers the surreal imagery we’ve become accustomed to. Stay tuned for the slick R&B beat switch that would make The Internet proud.



Remember the zany videos Busta Rhymes used to drop in the late 90s through early 2000s? It looks like Tyler the Creator has inherited that crown. His videos have always been cut from the different cloth, and this one continues that tradition. For those you who carry immense affection for the curves of Bria Myles, be ready to be amused and jealous simultaneously.

“You love to talk slick/I love to reprimand…”

Fresh off Tyler the Creator’s “diss” of MC Lyte¬†and declaration that he wouldn’t apologize, Rah Digga¬†has dropped a surprise diss record of the Odd Future leader and Fat Trel. You may recall that last year Tyler had fun at Digga’s¬†expense by questioning her sexuality in punchlines. Digga¬†responded to Tyler on Twitter, who quickly stated it was all in good fun and he thought she was dope. But the Lyte¬†diss was the last straw for Digga, who feels this blatant disrespect for culture pioneers needs to be checked,¬†prompting what Digga¬†calls a “lyrical ass whoopin’.”

Considering that Tyler backed down after B.o.B. of all people responded to a lyrical slight, and Chris Brown (!) had some of the Odd Future clan¬†fearing for their physical safety after their Twitter war of words last year, don’t hold their breath for a lyrical response. Trel¬†is already brushing this off as a publicity stunt.¬†Chalk this up as¬†just another example of someone getting too bold and loose with their words. Digga¬†has already promised to perform this song live when all camps are present at the upcoming Paid Dues Festival (Note: Digga and Odd Future’s sets are hours apart).

Before the jump, read Digga explain her own reasoning for the track.

I didn’t make this record for press purposes or for hype cuz that’s not my thing. I got wind of various artists referencing¬†me in a negative fashion. They poked fun at me I’m just poking¬†back. It’s all¬†sport to me. I wish¬†them¬†all the best, they just need to understand who is off-limits. MC Lyte¬†is off-limits.¬† Rah Digga¬†is off-limits.¬† Respect those who kept hip hop raw so that we could still have a culture or get a first hand lesson in a lyrical ass whoopin’.¬† Love is love.



Game and Tyler the Creator ply their trade in a mental asylum in this video for “Martians Vs. Goblins.” No Lil Wayne appearance, but these two do just fine without him. Game would be wise to release a video for the Nelly Furtado-assisted “Mama Knows.”

“I want to fuck the world/ But not a fan of using condoms…”

“Who else can put the hipsters with the felons and thugs?”

Those who’ve missed those deadpan Clipse¬†rhymes over the Neptunes’ brooding production are in for a¬†treat with “Trouble On My Mind,” the first drop from Pusha T’s Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray.

Tyler the Creator’s love of the Clipse-Neptunes¬†albums can clearly be heard in his own work, so he’s at home rhyming over the production’s dirge-like pacing. Tyler is in “Yonkers” mode and even recycles some of the lines from his most famous song. Pusha¬†acknowledges his link up with Odd Future may seem off on paper, but cites their passion for music as the uniting force (“Two different worlds, same symmetry/In this black art see the wizardry…”). Outside of the chorus being somewhat stilted, there’s not much to complain about here.

A few months back, Tyler took to Twitter to criticize some of the beats on Fear of God, longing for the days when¬†Pusha¬†and Malice exclusively used the Neptunes¬†for their lyrical drug game parallels. From the sound of this, Tyler knew what he was talking about. “Trouble On My Mind”¬†hits¬†iTunes on July 12.¬†Fear of God 2 will be available on August 23.

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