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Sade “I Never Would Have Guessed”

Posted: April 21, 2011 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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“I know the damage is already done/ There’s no going back…”

Perhaps no voice in music history encapsulates the pain, ecstasy and searing intimacy that love brings. As the last of four new songs off her Ultimate Collection, “I Would Have Never Guessed” is also my favorite. It’s just the¬†phrasing of her voice and ivory keys of the piano that compose this track. This allows Sade’s voice and lyrics to stand out much more than say the vocals on¬†her Jay-Z collaboration.

“Is something this broken ever going to fix?” she muses. With Sade, love always¬†hurts so good.

The Ultimate Collection hits stores May 3.


“As God is my witness/ Timing was my mistress…”

Sade let her love of Wu-Tang (Raekwon in¬†particular) be known last year, but that still hadn’t prompted the revered songstress from adding some Hip-Hop collaborations to her resume. Until now, that is. Just a week after being confirmed on her Ultimate Collection, Jay-Z’s guest appearance on Sade’s¬†remix of “The Moon and The Sky” is here.

Drake producer Noah¬†“40” Shebib¬†is responsible for the new beat. Overall, the¬†sound is pretty generic. Gone is the organic vibe¬†the original possessed from its guitar licks and wind instruments. Sade’s vocals are missing some vibrancy due to them being slowed down¬†to fit 40’s dirge-like pace. Jay delivers a cogent verse of reflection on¬†a love lost. For him, he can justify his misstep in losing his love by the fact she’s been blessed with a family. Still, there’s always that nagging “what-if.”

The “what-if” fans will have on this track is what could have been if Sade, Jay and 40 actually had the opportunity to build their song face to face¬†from an organic studio session. Hopefully this is an indicator that Ms. Adu will extend her talents further into the world of Hip-Hop.

“Darling, darling, darling…is this the end?”

The end? Never that when it comes to the goddess in human form that is Sade Adu. Like many, I’ve had an ongoing love affair with her¬†music going back to my formative high school years. I had to check my calendar to confirm it wasn’t 2018, because we know Ms. Adu likes to drop new music roughly 8-10 years apart. “Still In Love With You” is a part of her upcoming double album The¬†Ultimate Collection, due out May 3. It carries the same acoustic, rustic sound that was prevalent on last year’s Soldier of Love. Very solid, but you can hear why it was dropped in favor¬†of¬†sonically stronger songs like “Be That Easy”¬†¬†and “Long Hard Road.”