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As much as we’re ready to tackle a forthcoming infinite war next year, we all have more urgent business coming this November. Warner Bros. utilized this weekend’s Comic Con event to drop the official trailer for the much anticipated Justice League movie.

Living in a world without Superman, the remaining meta humans are tasked with taking down the godlike Steppenwolf. For those unaware, Steppenwolf is a general from a hell-like world known as Apokolis. His leader, Darkseid, has yet to be seen in the films, but we glimpsed the dystopian future he created during the flashback sequences in Batman v Superman. Steppenwolf has killed several League members before in the comics, so he presents a deadly challenge to a group that doesn’t have Superman to rely on.

Or so we think. The ending of this trailer gives a not so subtle hint that the Man of Steel may return to save the day.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17.



Batman and Superman get an assist from Wonder Woman in the latest trailer for Dawn of Justice. Between Lex Luthor’s snarky personality and the banter between Bats and Supes at Wonder Woman’s appearance, this film looks to have a bit more humor than what we saw in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25.


Comic Con attendees got another treat with the second official trailer for Batman vs. Superman. Along for the ride are a young, long-haired Lex Luthor, and a battle-ready Wonder Woman.