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There’s a certain poetic irony in the idea of a black detective going undercover to take down the Ku Klux Klan. No, this isn’t from the imagination mind of a creative writer. It comes via the true crime work of detective Ron Stallworth, who in 1978 infiltrated Colorado¬† chapter of the Klan by duping Grand Wizard David Duke.

This film boasts an all-star ensemble with Jordan Peele producing, Spike Lee directing, and starring John David Washington (Denzel Washington’s son), Adam Driver (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi) and Topher Grace as David Duke.

BlacKKKlansman hits theaters on August 10.



Y’all done made Chrisette pull out her rhyme book. Instead of another open letter, Chrisette Michele brings out her spoken word chops to address Spike Lee and other distractors on “No Political Genius.” Essentially, Michele’s argument is that her gift is for all audiences, but she remains a beacon of “Black Girl Magic.” She also extends an olive branch to her critics by stating it’s not smart to be divided and we can still meet together to fight on the front lines.


After much secrecy, Spike Lee has dropped the official trailer for Chi-Raq. The film is a modern remake of the Aristophanes’ Greek play Lysistrata, which centers on the women of two¬†societies withholding sex¬†in an attempt to halt an endless and pointless war. With that premise,¬†Chi-Raq¬†holds promise as¬†a social critique of crime, men/women¬†relationships and class if executed in the vein of past Spike Lee joints like School Daze and Bamboozled. The film boasts an all-star cast featuring Samuel¬†L. Jackson,¬†John¬† Cusack,¬†Angela Bassett,¬†Wesley Snipes, Teyonah Parris, Jennifer Hudson and more.

The film arrives in theaters and Amazon Prime on December 4.


Whatever your take on Spike Lee’s stance on Djanjo Unchained, the man’s pedigree and contributions to black culture can never be put into question. Skyzoo and Talib Kweli do him justice in this tribute track of Sky’s well-received album A Dream Deferred. Check Spike giving his own endorsement with an appearance in the closing minute. Click HERE for the single and HERE for the album.


Mike Tyson’s early training and life under Cus¬†D’Amato will be the¬†inspiration¬†for a new HBO drama series entitled Da Brick.

The show was pitched to Entourage creator Doug Ellin by Mike Tyson himself, who guest-starred on an episode last year.

“That’s when Mike asked me, why don’t you do with my life what we did with Mark’s (Wahlberg’s) life,” Ellin told “The initial idea was Entourage meets The Wire, an edgy story about an up and coming boxer and his crew that is much more dramatic than Entourage.”

The young boxer’s story¬†will be based out of present-day Newark, New Jersey. Spike Lee will direct the show’s pilot and share executive producer duties with Tyson’s wife Lakiha. John Ridley (Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Three Kings, Barbershop: The Series) will handle writing duties.

At press time, no cast announcements have been made.