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¬†“With the lights out/ It’s less dangerous/ Here we are now/ Entertain us/ I feel stupid/ And contagious…”

Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is one of the greatest songs of all time. It’s a song that legitimately ushered in a¬†revolution in popular music through alternative rock, and¬†that impact can still be felt today. Someone attempting to remake¬†it has to be endowed with a¬†distinct disregard for other people’s opinions. That cavalier attitude is exactly what J*Davey tapped into when they decided to create this highly original, ethereal interpretation of Kurt Cobain’s timeless anthem of angst and rebellion.

“Nirvana, as well as this song, embodies a realism and ‘fuck-it’ mechanism that Jack and I attempt to create in everything we do”¬†explained producer Brook D’Leau.

This isn’t the first time J*DaVeY has reinterpreted classic records. Several years ago, they reimagined A Tribe Called Quest’s “Electric Relaxation.” But with that record, the group worked with the same sound and samples as the original. With the Nirvana selection, J*DaVey pushed themselves further by morphing the¬†original into an entirely different genre, highlighted by kittenish vocals over a pulsing, computerized rhythm. The presentation of the track is completely different, devoid of the aggressive guitar licks, and the combative indifference of Cobain’s powerful voice. And yet, the power of the late icon’s words still shine through for the listener.

“We’re all insignificant in the grand scheme and feeling low becomes the high,” says J*DaVeY. “[I’m] Not sure if I’ve heard any other song that tongues the cheek of that concept so brilliantly.”

Beautiful or blasphemy? You decide.


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