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If you were among those who thought “I” signaled the beginning of a “sophomore slump” project for Kendrick Lamar, let tonight’s premiere of “The Blacker the Berry” serve as your lyrical crow. Lamar is in lethal verbal form as he displays pointed social, racial and political commentary through the lens of black nationalism.

Boi-1da is on production with additional support from Terrace Martin.




In an effort to raise awareness regarding the treatment of Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) underwent the forced-feeding procedure that leaked miliary documents revealed the as the institution’s “standard operating procedure” for those who refuse food. The timing couldn’t be better, as today¬†millions of Muslims around the world will begin fasting for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Currently, there is an estimated 100 hunger-strikers at Guantanamo Bay.

Being that Mos is an award-winning¬†actor, I’m sure there will be some cynics that claim he’s going a little extra in this clip to sell the pain of being force-fed. However, his reactions coincide with most descriptions of those who have undergone the process. This clip is directed by Asif¬†Kapadia.


The revolutionaries will not be confined by space and time! This video features Janelle Monae and Erykha Badu freeing themselves from the catatonic prison of an oppressive regime for a lively jam session chock full of social commentary. The queens have arrived, y’all. Let’s pray Ms. Monae blesses us with her new album in short order. The clip is directed by Alan Ferguson.


In a perfect case of know your guests before giving the invite, organizers for Sunday night’s¬†StartUp RockOn Inauguration concert in Washington had to remove Lupe Fiasco after the Chicago lyricist went on a reported 30-minute anti-Obama rant after performing “Words I Never Said.”

Regardless of what you think about Fiasco’s stance on not voting and President Obama’s politics in Palestine and Israel, Lupe is has been very consistent on his views for the last several years. Although he no doubt laid it on extra thick knowing the Inauguration was today, I don’t think anyone there familiar with his music was surprised. And from the below clip, the crowd didn’t seem too irate with Lupe (who took a bow before leaving the stage).

Still, it’s completely understandable that a 30-minute Lupe could wear on the nerves. You can read Startup Rock On’s official statement on the controversy HERE.


Mares: 121.8

Moreno: 120.8

Prediction: This is a fight where you can easily see two outcomes: Mares’s youth and aggression overwhelming the older fighter, or Moreno’s higher technical skill and counterpunching taking the younger guy¬†to school with a dominant boxing lesson. From a style standpoint, this is likely the toughest¬†opponent Mares has faced on his phenomenal run over the last few years. I see Moreno frustrating Mares early on with his defense and picking off his rushes with that southpaw¬†left hand. However, expect Mares punch output to keep the cards close¬†and give him some moments inside during the later rounds. I see a controversial split decision that because of Mares’ aggressive style and the fact counter-punching, defensive fighters tend to get shafted by judges, goes Abner’s way.

Check the other weigh-in results for Leo Santa Cruz and Alfredo Angulo. With Anuglo, he may be outgrowing 154 — look at how guant he looks, especially around the stomach.

One of the few criticisms you hear about Ice Cube these days is that he’s turned into the figure the early 90’s Ice Cube was so vehemently against (¬†read: “selling out”). While that accusation is highly debatable (listen to “Stay True to the Game” and decide for yourself how much applies), Cube latest single/video¬†is a reminder the political rage heard on¬†Amerikkka’s¬†Most Wanted and Death Certificate will always be there.¬†The video is directed by T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh.


The political rage of Killer Mike’s “Reagan” is brought to life through the lenses of animation. From the influx of drugs to the Iran-Contra Scandal, President Ronald Reagan’s tenure and its legacy is given an ugly spotlight. Definitely one of the year’s more creative videos (to go along with one of the year’s best albums).