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Pepsi has partnered with Janelle Monae for a new global campaign that celebrates “music and football” entitled NOW. For her creative part, Monae has redone David Bowie’s “Heroes.” The song will be broadcast to nearly 100 countries along with shorts, a TV commercial and the interactive film Now Is What You make It, featuring football stars like Leo Messi.

“I love everything the film stands for. To me, it is all about that extraordinary burst of courage and passion which can embolden everyday people in a moment of spontaneity, which is also the message of David Bowie’s venerable song,” Monáe told BeatsBoxingMayhem in a prepared statement. “I was honored to join Pepsi for this campaign and remind people who now more than ever, we can all be heroes.”

Monae’s “Heroes” can be purchased HERE. You can compare her rendition to Bowie’s original below.




Would you turn down a tasty treat from Melanie Fiona? Of course you wouldn’t (and get your mind out the gutter, fellow men), and that’s the loose premise behind Ms. Fiona’s fun new video for “Cold Piece.” Sponsored by Pepsi, Fiona turns into the most vocally talented ice cream truck driver ever while setting up a block party in Brooklyn.

The video is directed by Ryan Wick.