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2 Chainz headed to new Orleans to shoot this Cash Money styled tribute video for “Used 2.” The Hot Boyz are reunited and the clips are shot to resemble their late 90s and early 2000 videos with thick country gals twerking, street dudes staring down the camera and the rest of the community having an impromptu block party.


Director Marc Klasfeld takes T.I. and Lil Wayne to New Orleans for some slices of hood, carnival and skating culture in this video for “Ball.” A couple more dance scenes with the ladies would’ve been nice, but overall not bad. The reaction over the last week or so on this track has been mixed, but T.I. still has a good month and change to continue building anticipation for Trouble Man (December 18).

“Push Thru” itself was a pleasant surprise, and now so is the video. This joint is scheduled to be included on Kweli’s Prisoner of Consciousness project, dropping in October.

Mystikal – “Bullshit”

Posted: May 14, 2012 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Annoucing your latest mixtape as you head to prison for a three-month domestic abuse bid isn’t ideal, but Mystikal will take the exposure where he can get it. Despite signing with Cash Money last November, Mystikal’s comeback still remains a quiet one two years since he completed a six year sentence for sexual battery and extortion. He plans on changing that starting today with a new weekly series entitled #MystikalMondays and this first leak off his July 30 mixtape Origins. Many mid-90s rappers would kill for Mystikal’s position of having one of Hip-Hop’s hottest labels backing his next project. If Mystikal doesn’t learn to keep his hands off women, he may just blow the talent that’s still evident in him.

Curren$y “Plot Music”

Posted: January 2, 2012 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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This time last year, Curren$y had an entire mixtape ready for fans. For 2012, we’ll have to settle for just one leak entitled “Plot Music.” Spitta loves his 90s beats, so it’s welcome to hear him give his spin on B.G.’s “Cash Money Is An Army.”



Not too many emcees get a rematch with Nardwuar. Curren$y’s back for round two and gets blessed with some vinyls from Camp Lo, Ghetto Mafia, The Jets and Cheech & Chong. Spitta also explains his love of The Doors and how not to get kicked out of hotel for weed smoke. Remember that Curren$y’s Weekend at Burnie’s mixtape will be dropping June 28.

Interview serviette Nardwuar links up with Lil Wayne for yet another thorough session. Nardwuar reveals Wayne’s original comical rap name, his love for Nirvana and N.O. old school history. For all the attention on Wayne’s drug indulgence, the man is still sharp on his region’s history.