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Don’t adjust your screens. This grainy footage is an atmospheric teaser look into the origin of the feral girl seen in the previous Logan trailers. Know as X-23 aka Laura Kinney in the comics, fans will be immediately pick up on the similarities to Logan’s experimentation in the Weapon X program.

Logan hits theaters on March 3.




The young mutant X-23 pops her claws and shows off her brutal skills in the final trailer for the much-anticipated Logan. This trailer shows Logan’s value to her as a reluctant mentor hoping the quell her savagery, much like Wolverine had to do in the wake of escaping the Weapon X program.

The most interesting scene comes early when we see Logan and Professor X discussing an X-Men comic book. This signals to the viewer that the passage of time has reduced the superteam to myth status.

Logan hits theaters March 3.


Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine looks to conclude with an emotional finale per the debut trailer for Logan (March 3). The film, taking place in 2024, shows a world where the majority of mutants have been decimated (including the X-Men). An aged Wolverine is pulled out of hiding by Professor X, who implores the Weapon X survivor to save a young mutant who bares striking similarity to him (two claws instead of three). They’ll face a government-sponsored group that has been turning young mutants into killing machines.

Watch the full trailer below.