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As violent as boxing is, there are rules in place to ensure there isn’t complete bedlam in the ring. But we all know rules are made to be broken, and ironically it’s usually done by fighters considered the best in their field. Ali would hold behind the head to prevent fighters from working inside. Guys like Jack Dempsey, Bernard Hopkins and Felix Trinidad have no issues throwing low blows. Evander Holyfield considers headbutts a legal punch. Mike Tyson would just as easily throw a forearm as he would a hook. The below video compiles some of the best examples of dirty fighting over about the last 25-30 years. Most are blatant fouls, and you’re guaranteed to laugh at the outrageousness of some of them (Riddick Bowe’s faces after Golota’s low blows gets me every time). Others will make you wince in pain. Shout out to YouTube member ErracticBoxing for brining all these clips together.