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Diddy¬†took a moment out from his tour (“Coming Home Tour”) with Dirty Money to sit down for an interview with Karmaloop’s¬†lifestyle marketing director Dennis Todisco. The Bad Boy founder reflected on the Dirty Money album, why he felt his fashion sense temporarily “fell off,” new artists emerging in the urban scene, and the importance of a major label deal in today’s market.



Radio personality Charlamagne¬†the God is known for ridiculing, and many times justifyably so, the moves of many artists in Hip-Hop. Over 20 years deep in the game, Diddy knows how to handle criticism. But even he thought Charlamagne stepped over the line regarding his vitriolic comments yesterday about Combs’s new Dirty Money album Last Train to Paris. What really drew Diddy’s ire were comments about Cassie, where Charlamagne claimed she had no talent, and earned her Bad¬†Boy spot through the bedroom.¬†About 10 years ago, this may have turned into another Steve Stoute situation. This time, both men resolved their differences behind closed doors, and gave a public display of reconciliation on air.

Some people are already saying that Charlemagne was forced to back down in fear of Diddy blackballing him. I think it was simply the fact it’s impossible to continue tearing someone down when they approach you respectfully for a face to face. At that point, the anonymous celebrity becomes a flesh and blood human being with feelings, and not just some remote figure. Artists read blogs and magazines. And no matter how long they’ve been in the game, their feelings can still be hurt from crass comments (even Jay-Z referenced the camel jokes about him on Blueprint 3).

All in all, a happy “love fest” ending, as Diddy pointed out. I’m interested to see if Charlamagne lays back on future personal attacks on other artists.



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After working on this album for over two years, Diddy and Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris will be ready for public consumption tomorrow (December 14). The first clip, “Step Into Your Greatness,” gives¬†good insight on what producer Matt¬†Testa¬†went through to capture Diddy’s vision. Diddy chastises, and at¬†other times¬†compliments Testa.¬†But at all times¬†the Bad Boy CEO’s goal is¬†to inspire the best possible work. The second clip, “The Final Days,”¬†revolves around the group deciding which songs will make the final cut.

The creative process has its periods of intense frustration. But when you get it right, the elation is indescribable. It’s a feeling all creatives, whether writers, singers, painters or dancers, can attest to.

If you already have your mind made up about this project, these clips won’t sway you. But either way, you can hear a few more tracks they’ve worked on if you haven’t already peeped the leak.