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When the facts are intact/Ain’t no need for a fable/Good vs. Evil is primitive/Real life is more complex/What’s your context? – Talib¬†Kweli


Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, but it’s gone to the extreme in recent times within Hip-Hop culture regarding secret societies and the rappers supposedly¬†adhering to¬†their nefarious agendas. Talib¬†Kweli¬†takes “Wormhole” as an opportunity to detail the historical roots of the Illuminati while challenging listeners to face the real agendas against them, such as the fiscal¬†practices of the Federal Reserve,¬†World Bank and IMF over alleged Satanic worship.”The Wormhole” will be included on Kweli’s forthcoming album Gravitas.



Ill Bill has a loaded project dropping early in 2013 entitled The Grimy Awards (January 29). On the emcee side, the album features HR of Bad Brains, A-Trak, El-P, Jedi Mind Tricks, OC, Cormega, Meyhem Lauren, Q-Unique, Shabazz The Disciple & Lil Fame of M.O.P. Beats will come courtesy of DJ Premier, DJ Muggs, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Psycho Les, El-P, Ayatollah, MoSS, C-Lance and of course Ill Bill. The first video is the El-P produced “Severed Heads.” My kinda grimy…

Looks like all we had to do is talk to Statik Selektah and Action Bronson if we wanted a definitive answer on the 1963 Kennedy assassination.¬†Scratch that — based on this video Statik won’t be talking to anyone else.¬† This lively track can be found on their collaborative album Well Done, available HERE.

“I’m not on any side of the fence on that one. My thing is let’s just get to the truth…”

Following the political commentary¬†on his single “Words¬†I Never Said” and debate with Bill O’Reilly, Lupe Fiasco joined protesters at the recent¬† “Occupy Wall Street” event in New York City. Fiasco doesn’t outright endorse a specific conspiracy (like the United States planning 9/11), but he does express a high amount of doubt in the accepted story. Lupe also¬†has¬†a big problem of United States’subsequent foreign policy that resulted from that national tragedy.


Czar Entertainment founder¬†James “Jimmy Henchmen” Rosemond¬†was arrested today in Manhattan¬†after a month-long manhunt on cocaine conspiracy charges.

Rosemond had been in hiding since May after Drug Enforcement Administration officials charged him with running a national, multi-million dollar cocaine distribution ring with hubs in Los Angeles and New York City.

Rosemond was spotted by U.S. Marshals coming out the W Hotel in Union Square. After a brief chase, Rosemond was taken into custody without further incident on 21st Street and Park Avenue.

Officials credited high-ranking informants in Rosemond’s¬†organization with his capture after several years of investigation. According to the DEA, Rosemond¬†utilized his Czar Entertainment as a front, hiding kilos of cocaine in music equipment cargo.

Last week, convicted felon Dexter Isaac released a statement claiming he shot and robbed the late Tupac Shakur in November 1994 at the behest of Rosemond. That incident would be the spark of the infamous Bad Boy-Death Row feud.

At press time, Rosemond is expected to be arraigned in Brooklyn.


The “hiding in plain sight” technique sometimes works, but in this case Rosemond¬†had way too much heat in NYC, especially to be hanging¬†at a posh spot¬†like¬†the W Hotel. In¬†fact, you’d think he’d be nowhere near any major city. In his younger years, that probably would’ve been the case. But now near his fifties, it seemed like Rosemond didn’t really have the¬†desire to truly go underground.

I’m stopping short of calling this justice for Tupac¬†until we get all the details, if we ever do. I’m not completely sold on Isaac’s story yet although it is very probable. What¬†this does show is another example of how grimy the music¬†business¬†is. Rosemond isn’t the¬†first gangster to make a buck in the Hip-Hop industry and won’t be the last.