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I don’t know if we should be impressed or saddened by the fact Iggy Azalea’s twerking skills are on par with Nicki Minaj’s. Nonetheless, the Australian star puts her biggest asset on display throughout her new video for “Mo Bounce.” Fellas, don’t forget the mute button is an option.



Teyana Taylor always had an amazing figure, but the young singer is truly in goddess mode courtesy of last night VMA debut of Kanye West’s “Fade.” Taylor is eight months removed from the birth of her first child with Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert (who’s also in the video). Far as I’m concerned, Taylor’s arousing rendition of the famous Flashdance sequence should be digitally added as the film’s official version.

A body that heavenly can only be achieved from a perfect recipe of good genes, a flawless diet and draconian workout regimen. But hey, we all can dream, can’t we?


Update: Tidal has put this video on lockdown, so try to watch it asap. New links are being shut down quick




Rick Ross and K. Michelle’s fine (and crazy) self bring some visuals to their Hood Billionaire, Timbaland-produced collaboration “If They Knew.” I was ready to clown the laundry mat scenes but starting at the 2:45 mark, K. Michelle got me on the board with the vision. Hood Billionaire is in stores now.


If Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” was too much thickness for your taste, J-Lo’s visual celebration of the female frame might be more your speed. The 90s club chants and effects are a nice touch, but not enough to stop this from being a “mute video classic” for most (guys) out there. You can download J-Lo’s latest album here.



Considering the music quality of “Anaconda” and the seminal song that inspired it, Nicki Minaj knew she had to pull out all the “bootyful” stops to keep folks talking about it. After about the first 2 minutes, you’ll agree that Nicki came through. For the fellas, you’ll get loads (no pun intended) of optic pleasure from this clip if you put the video on mute — twerking, creampie innuendo, gyrating and shapely bodies abound. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Young Money queen can execute such as sexualized video so flawlessly — let’s not forget her very name is a play on the ultimate male fantasy.

While the visual allure is not up for debat, her plump backslide won’t save the music quality of The Pink Print. It still remains to be seen if that project can live up to the “classic” moniker she’s been throwing around.


Yes, ladies — when you see us giving you those uncomfortable blank stares, scenarios like the above picture are going through our minds. “Silk Shirts and Yellow Gold” is the first video off Lauren and Buckwild’s well-received Silk Pyramids project (available HERE). The video is directed by Oz Perla.


Now this is a perfect example of a video making a song much more enjoyable. If you haven’t already guessed, “Clappers” is all about celebrating the women blessed with shapely backsides  (even those that was medically augmented). On the music end, Juicy J is the standout here. Nicki and the other women will get your attention for other reasons.