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Manny Pacquiao and Rick Ross are among the celebrities¬†featured prominently in¬†Nike’s latest¬†“Boom” ad campaign.

The company is using the¬†“boom” catchphrase¬†to¬†crystallize game-changing or ending moments. In Pacquiao’s¬†clip, NFL players Tim Tebow¬†and¬†Ndamukong Suh¬†are getting tailored and watching the final moments of Manny’s 2008 TKO victory over David Diaz. With the ending knockout, each man yells out the signature “boom” catchphrase.

With Rick Ross not being an athlete, Nike¬†constructed¬† the Miami emcee’s “pivotal moment” as¬†buying a gaudy new chain, which comes to life and also utters the “boom” catchphrase.

Each spot will be run nationally. For more ads from Nike’s “Boom” series, visit their official¬†Youtube page.

Manny Pacquiao’s “Boom” Nike Ad

Rick Ross’ “Boom” Nike Ad


No real complaints on my end except the fight they picked for Pacquiao’s¬†clip. If you want a real “boom,” all you have to do is¬†watch and listen to¬†the Pacquaio¬†left hook that ended Ricky Hatton’s career last year. In fact, I just noticed that HBO announcer Jim Lampley says “boom” right after it lands. Maybe he needs to hit up Nike for some compensation.