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MMG founder Rick Ross is back in Fayette county jail for the second time this month after allegedly pistol-whipping his landscaper.

Ross, real name Williams Roberts, and bodyguard Nadrian L. James¬†were taken into custody last night. Ross is alleged to have assaulted¬†Jonathan Zamudio¬†who was¬†hired to do landscaping work¬†on Ross’¬†sprawling, 109-room mansion in Fayetteville, GA.

Ross and James are facing aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping charges.

‚ÄúSubject did assault the victim, Jonathan Zamudio, (twice), with a handgun, specifically a Glock 17, 9mm, black in color, and in doing so caused two chipped teeth, jaw injury, neck injury, and multiple scratches and contusions,”¬†read the arrest warrant obtained¬†by Billboard.¬†“The victim lost the use of his jaw and is restricted to soft foods and liquid diet only as result of not being able to chew food.‚ÄĚ

The report also claims Zamudio suffered a second assault after being forced to remain at the property against his will.

Earlier this month, Ross was arrested in Fayetteville county for marijuana possession after a traffic stop for tinted windows.

At press time, Ross and James have been denied bail. Their next court hearing is July 1.


I know in 2015 we’re against victim-blaming, but I can’t help but wonder what the worker could’ve possibly done to warrant this beating. Did he break something? Attempt to steal? Dare talk back to the Biggest Boss of Them All?

It’s already looking like Ross’ investment in Evander Holyfield’s¬†OLD residence is becoming more trouble than its worth.


Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather has been formally charged with misdemeanor battery over a November 15 dispute with a security guard.

Last month, Mayweather confronted the 21 year old guard (Shayne Smith) after receiving two citations on vehicles illegally parked at his Southern Highlands condominium in Las Vegas.

Smith¬†alleges Mayweather became irate, shouting at him that he had “no fucking business” touching his vehicles. The¬†battery charge stems from Mayweather¬†repeatedly jabbing his finger into Smith’s face, causing discoloration and redness.¬†Prosecutors were able to obtain pictures of the injury to support their case.

Mayweather faces a maximum punishment of six months in jail, and a $1000 fine.

Next month (January 24), Mayweather will be in court to face domestic violence charges against his children’s mother Josie Harris, and their two sons. If¬†convicted, he faces up to 34 years in prison.

At press time, a court date has been tentatively set for February 2011.

A photo of Shayne Smith’s alleged injury can be viewed below.


When you add in the recent assault accusation from his former associate, Mayweather has three outstanding cases going into 2011. I doubt this is what Floyd had in mind when he announced his “vacation” from boxing this past summer.

Roger Mayweather’s trial for felony assault have been moved to January 24 by Las Vegas District Court judge Valerie Adair.

Mayweather, 49, was set to face charges for allegedly assaulting 26-year-old female boxer Melissa St. Vil at her apartment in August 2009. The prosecution alleges that Mayweather punched St. Vil in the ribs, causing his former pupil to spit up blood. St. Vil adds that Mayweather nearly choked her unconscious just as authorities arrived and broke up the attack.

St. Vil had fired Mayweather from his training duties three months prior to the attack, telling authorities that Mayweather had begun stalking her.

On the Mayweather-Mosley edition of HBO’s 24/7, Roger Mayweather denied the punching allegations, but did confirm that he choked St. Vil. However, Mayweather claims that choking was simply defensive and with the intent to restrain St. Vil from attacking him.

Mayweather, who trains his nephew Floyd Mayweather, Jr, is experiencing his second court delay. He was originally supposed to face trial in August, prompting Top Rank promoter Bob Arum to speculate that the reason for the second collapse of the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao negotiations was due to Floyd waiting on outcome of his uncle’s trial.

Roger Mayweather will remain free through January on a $13, 000 bail posting. If convicted, the battery charges he faces carry about to 10 years in prison.

Las Vegas authorities have verified that Floyd Mayweather will face four felony and four misdemeanor charges in connection to his alleged assault of his child’s mother Josie Harris.

Prosecutors for the state of Nevada submitted their criminal complaint in Clark County yesterday (September 15).

Mayweather¬†faces two felony counts of coercion concerning his young¬†sons Zion and Koraun. Court documents state the undefeated boxer threatened to “beat their asses”¬†if either son¬†called 911 to stop the fighter’s altercation with Harris.

In connection with stealing Josie Harris’ cell phone, Mayweather¬†faces felony counts for robbery and grand larceny. According to Harris’ police report, Mayweather¬†attacked her after checking her text messages and determining she was dating Chicago Bulls player CJ Watson.

Mayweather’s¬†first misdemeanor charge is for domestic battery on Josie Harris. The case claims Mayweather grabbed her by the hair,¬† twisted her arm, and struck her with¬†a fist.

Mayweather’s¬†final charges are three counts of harassment¬†against Harris and their two children.

If convicted of all charges, Floyd Mayweather faces up to 28 years in prison.

At press time, the boxer has not commented on the case.


And the hits (no pun intended) just keep coming.

Last year when I interviewed Floyd Mayweather about potential opponents, he told me that all roads lead to him, and that he didn’t need a “hit list” because he was on every one’s list. Basically he christened himself the face of boxing and it’s a stance I cannot argue with. He’s far and away the most well-known active boxer today.

And for that reason, boxing is taking a hit right now. Like it or not, when a big name boxer does something stupid, it makes the whole sport look bad. As Naazim¬†Richardson pointed out to me earlier this year, when Mike Tyson bit Evander Holyfield’s¬†ear back in ’97, the sport had to endure embarrassment and jokes for well over a year. With his cringe-worthy racial attack on Manny Pacquiao¬†(and the¬†equally ridiculous apology clip), the failed summer superfight¬†negotiation, and¬†now this domestic violence case, Mayweather is disgracing himself and the sport instead of being its mainstream ambassador.

And to think, Mayweather had everyone (media included) on his side following his near shutout of Shane Mosley, a fighter many people said he was afraid of. Check out this video I shot of Floyd right after he beat Shane. This was only four months ago. How could it all have gone so wrong so quickly?