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In a perfect case of know your guests before giving the invite, organizers for Sunday night’s StartUp RockOn Inauguration concert in Washington had to remove Lupe Fiasco after the Chicago lyricist went on a reported 30-minute anti-Obama rant after performing “Words I Never Said.”

Regardless of what you think about Fiasco’s stance on not voting and President Obama’s politics in Palestine and Israel, Lupe is has been very consistent on his views for the last several years. Although he no doubt laid it on extra thick knowing the Inauguration was today, I don’t think anyone there familiar with his music was surprised. And from the below clip, the crowd didn’t seem too irate with Lupe (who took a bow before leaving the stage).

Still, it’s completely understandable that a 30-minute Lupe could wear on the nerves. You can read Startup Rock On’s official statement on the controversy HERE.


Fabolous’s The Soul Tape II is scheduled to hit the net in time for Thanksgiving. Album Fab is one thing, but mixtape Fab is normally good money and this short track is promising in that regard. Gotta give a few extra points for the dope artwork as well.

Since Jeezy had one of the more popular Obama songs back in 2008, it’s only right that he drop another track in light of  the President’s big win last night. Some of you may disagree, but I like the feel of this one way more than “My President Is Black.” Was waiting for a big beat drop, though.

Both Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly stood by their words and debated tonight on Common’s recent White House appearance.

Stewart appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and challenged O’Reilly and his Fox network for having “selected outrage” at Common’s appearance while ignoring those of other celebrated artists who supported subversive figures (Bono, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash etc.). O’Reilly countered that Common’s actions were much worse because he visited political exile Assata Shakur in Cuba. Shakur, a former member of the Black Panther and Black Liberation Army, has been under political asylum in Cuba since fleeing America after a controversial trial that convicted her killing a New Jersey State Trooper in 1973.

So who won the debate?  To go further, was this even an issue worthy of the attention its received? The ultimate hilarity for Hip-Hop fans is someone like Common, one of our more accessible artists, being smeared as dangerous and a promoter of violence.

“Soul controllers on the shoulders of Moses and Noah…”

Despite vehement denouncements from some Republicans and right-wing commentators, the White House stuck with its invite for Common to perform poetry last night. The event went off without incident. The Obama administration invited the Chicago emcee for an event celebrating American poetry. Also, check out the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart closing the book on this so-called controversy.

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“You should always criticize power even if you agree with it.”

Lupe Fiasco and Skylar Grey made a stop on Colbert’s Report to perform their hit “Word I Never Said.” Lupe sits down and also clarifies his views about President Obama, the War on Terror and Osama bin Laden.

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To the victor goes the spoils… or the final trash talk. After putting the Birther movement to rest, President Obama couldn’t help but take a few, final pointed jabs at Donald Trump, who was in attendance for the White House’s correspondence dinner last night (April 30) in Washington, D.C. If American politics has shown anything in the last several decades, it’s that if you say almost anything loud and often with just enough spin, some of the unwashed masses will be naive enough to believe it. With dripping sarcasm, Obama puts the nonsense of the Birther Movement right where it belongs, alongside other conspiracy theories like the fake Moon landing and Roswell UFO incident. The Biggie and ‘Pac reference is priceless, so I won’t spoil it here. I wouldn’t expect any less from a president that keeps Nas and Jay-Z on rotation in his iPod.


Here’s the entire speech. And we have yet another Hip-Hop nod with a skit using ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” at the 13:59 for a skit featuring Joe Biden. And the final clip has comedian Seth Meyers throwing some more dirt on Trump beginning at the 12:03 mark.