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Power Ghost Ep. 306 Recap:  Tejada’s Go to War ON A LIE, Monet’s Guilt and Tariq Explodes!

Are the walls closing in on Monet Tejada AND Tariq?

The lies are starting to get exposed. In this explosive episode 306 of Power Ghost, Tariq finally confronts Effie and Brayden about their involvement in Lauren’s “death.” What does that mean for the future of their business dealings with Noma? Inside the Tejada household, Monet deals with the guilt of arranging her husband’s murder and also Cane’s suspicions and ambition to become the new head of the family.

Other topics covered for this discussion include:

  • Who is Tariq’s “Tasha” and “Angela” out of Effie, Diana and Lauren?
  • Who will kill Monet?
  • Outside of Gordo, how many Castillos know about Monet’s false allegation against Lorenzo?

Make sure to subscribe to the BeatsBoxingMayhem YouTube page for weekly Power discussions airing immediately after each episode ends at midnight.

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