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House of the Dragon S1.E1 Recap: The Tragic Battlefields of House Targaryen

Our recap of the series premiere of House of the Dragon!

We’re back to cover the newest journey in the GOT saga with House of the Dragon! For the record-breaking series premiere of 10 million viewers, I take a deep-dive look at the brewing tensions for for the Iron Throne. Topics include:

  • How Viserys’s desire to fulfill his prophetic dream lead to his family’s biggest tragedy.
  • How Rhaenyra and Alicent have been failed by their fathers.
  • Who was right in the argument between Daemon and Viserys?
  • Is the “Queen That Never Was” the biggest wildcard of the series?
  • The depth of Queen Aemma’s final violation

Reviews of House of the Dragon episodes will be published every Monday.

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