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ATL Horror Film Festival 2021 Day 1: Animated Trauma, Body Gore and Merciless Wolves

Recap of the first day of the Atlanta Horror Film Festival


You won’t find any comfort food here! The third block of Day 1 covers when our love of food becomes our worst nightmare.

Eat Me! (Kassidy Evans, USA)

The idea of literal canned babies as food would normally be upsetting, but somehow Kassidy Evans makes it funny about a starving hag named Ora Beetleboggle looking for her next meal. I understand witches have to eat too, but does it have to be every kid in sight? A 3 minute treat for the comedic and surreal horror fans.

Crock Pot (Ty Jones, USA)

Want to get on the good side of your boyfriend’s mother? Well, it’s probably not a good idea to mistakenly leave the phone line open so she can hear you mocking her. Unfortunately for this young lady, dearest mom likes her apologies in blood. A silly, fun ride that will have you looking twice at the next crock pot you see.

Your Coffee Drinks You (Andrew Daugherty, USA)

Addictions are tough to break, especially when the addictive property acts like a stalker. A woman finds out the hard way when a supernatural cup of coffee refuses to let her go. A simple approach with some cool special effects involving moving eyes and other objects emerging from the coffee cup.

Deliver Me from Evil (Jonas Stewart, USA)

Service workers just can’t catch a break these days. An unsuspecting pizza delivery man has his kindness repaid with terror when he comes face to face with a cannibal. Maybe we can overlook her being a cannibal, but not lying about giving the poor guy 5 stars!

New Flesh for the Old Ceremony (Elizabeth Rakhilkina, USA)

Without question, this is the most experimental plot in this block. We open with a lesbian couple in sexual bliss, but soon their union is destroyed when one is killed and devoured by the couple’s pack of pet dogs. From there, the dead woman’s spirit possesses the dogs, leading the survivor to contemplate on her grief. The “old ceremony” is the grief process that we constantly feed through the trials of life (losing loved ones, failed relationships etc.). With this being a lesbian couple, it’s worth exploring the idea of the pack of dogs symbolizing the patriarchal world and how it can destroy a relationship, even one seemingly out of its sphere of influence.

Meatball Soup (Robin Mir, Switzerland)

Common sense should tell you to be very nice to folks who handle your food. The bed-riden woman in this story forgot that message and constantly berates her caretaker, who takes a nasty revenge with the help of dead vermin around the house. I’m not one for elder abuse buuuuuuut life always has exceptions.

Kiss the Cook (Matt Kenny, USA)

“This meal was prepared with love” is not a phrase you’ll ever hear associated with the main character of this short. A simple dinner preparation becomes a violent endeavor with moments of self-harm. You won’t find me ever taking a gourmet meal at this guy’s house.

Long Pig (Riccardo Suriano, Italy)

The title tells you everything you need to know. We come upon a trailer and witness a woman gorging herself on meat stew while an invalid man looks on in terror. The finale gives a good payoff regarding the meal but you could’ve gotten there in half the time.

Stuffing (Rebecca Orton, UK)

Meal prepping will save you a lot of time in the kitchen — especially when you’re a vampire. This one has mastered the art of the quick meal even when dealing with live prey.

Vulgar Confrontation (Brandon Scullion, USA)

WTF! I could end the review right there. The tale brings us to a weird guy who ends up in a dark, sinister room and tasked with completing a series of tests leading to gross body horror . Definitely not for everyone.

The Wet Nurse (Arnold de Parcau, France)

In the year 1900, Marie sells cow-milked derived pancakes in the open market. But when the cow runs off, Marie decides to use her breast milk for the recipe, which becomes all the rage among the villagers. However, the demand soon turns sinister as the villagers begin treating her like a cow to be milked when desired. One of the darker tales we experienced on Day 1 and has excellent sets that recreate the era.

Pigs in a Blanket: A Bloody Tale (Vseant Nath, USA)

Only the brave eat food brought in from coworkers. Well, in this case the “food” brought itself in. A few workers at a plastic surgeon’s office make a grim discovery about their friendly receptionist’s cooking habits. At least she prevented the victim from the leaving the promised “bad review.”

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