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Showtime Confirms New ‘Twin Peaks’ Season for May 21

Your favorite supernatural murder mystery crime drama returns...


The return to Twin Peaks now has an official date. Showtime announced earlier today that David Lynch’s hit 90s supernatural mystery drama will return for a limited series event on May 21.

The series will consist of 18 episodes and take place in present day, marking 25 years since the series ended. Some of the original cast, including Kyle MacLachlan as FBI agent Dale Cooper, will return with the passage of time being a major plot point. Other show favorites, such as Catherine E. Coulson (“Log Lady”) and Sherilyn Fenn (“Audrey Horne”), have been confirmed.

The May 21 premiere will be two hours with the next two episodes then available On Demand, giving long-time fans four hours worth of programming on one night.

Despite the exciting news, fans will have to continue their patience in waiting for the official trailer.



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