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Margot Robbie to Produce Harley Quinn Spinoff Movie



The much-anticipated Suicide Squad is still months away, but Warner Bros. already has enough faith in the Harley Quinn character to begin preliminary talks for a spinoff movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Margot Robbie will not only reprise her role as the popular and irreverent psycho, but also produce the film. The project will further expand the DC universe by including Batgirl and Birds of Prey in yet to determined roles.

Robbie is rumored to have fallen in love with the character during her Suicide Squad research and pitched the solo film with an unnamed female writer.

With Harley’s popularity, which extends back to her mid 90s debut on the acclaimed Batman: The Animated Series, a well-done R-rated film could potentially mirror the success of Marvel’s Deadpool. Like the “Merc with a Mouth,” Harley’s dark humor and “fourth wall” breaking in her recent comic series would be a female anti-hero completely new to the big screen.

Her recent comic series features a whole new cast of characters with Harley being thrown into the unexpected role of an inner-city landlord. Her tenants are a wacky bunch with their own powers, not to mention other characters that make appearances like Poison Ivy and Power Girl. In other words, the storyline possibilities are endless.

All apologies to Wonder Woman and Black Widow (who’s rumored to be getting a film), but it’s easy to imagine Harley Quinn becoming the “it girl” for comic cinema if her film is done right.


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