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[Video] Game Plan Executed: Bradley Outboxes Marquez

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Don't put too much stock in the official split decision tally for last night's meeting between Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley. For all his talent, Marquez found himself the inferior man in the realms of speed and ring generalship, as Bradley took another step up the Pound4Pound ranks with a impressive performance..

It was hard (not to brawl). I like to fight, believe it or not. I like to step in there and fight. I had to lsiten to my corner to get this win because Marquez is a big , big puncher. He could hurt me at anytime in that ring and I had to stay smart to get this victory. – TIMOTHY BRADLEY


LAS VEGAS, NV — Don’t put too much stock in the official split decision tally for last night’s meeting between Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley. For all his talent, Marquez found himself the inferior man in the realms of speed and ring generalship, as Bradley took another step up the Pound4Pound ranks with an impressive performance. As usual, everyone didn’t see that way, so let’s get right to all the news from the Thomas & Mack Center.


A SEVERE CONCUSSION IS A GOOD TEACHER: This writer was among those that pegged Marquez to win by knockout. The thinking was Bradley, who in nearly all of his previous big fights would welcome exchanges, would stop moving and engage once Marquez cracked him with a few good counters.

Marquez ended up waiting in vain on those moments. In nearly all the rounds, Bradley controlled the first two minutes by keep Marquez neutralized behind a quick jab. The offense was mixed up with left hooks to the body and lead rights, Marquez was always a step behind with his counters, and when he did manage to make Bradley exchange, it was the defending champion who landed first and more effectively.

This fight was a clear example that the Provodnikov bout was a blessing in disguise. That brawl, which resulted in Bradley having a bad concussion and slurred speech months after, was the clearest lesson for him on what happens when you fight out of control. At no point last night did he lose his composure.

THE SCORECARDS: When I tallied up my final score, I had Bradley winning 115-113. The fight didn’t feel that close, and main factor that contributed to my score is Tim being more reserved in the last two rounds and letting Marquez outwork him. This was one of those “close but clear winner” bouts because Marquez getting the nod could not be justifiable. Glenn Feldman was the only one who had it for Marquez (115-113), while Robert Hoyle and Patricia Jarman had it 115-113 and 116-112, respectively.

Full fight videos are courtesy of @Sweetboxing

[dailymotion k6BgZWZ3RSUxrU4LbFl]

WHAT’S NEXT: If Bradley continues fighting like this, it’ll be hard for anyone on Top Rank’s roster to beat him. Brandon Rios, should he get by Pacquiao, is too slow on his feet. Pacquiao, if he can still conjure up the remnants of his 2009 form, would have the best chance. The rumors that Bradley was a free agent after this fight aren’t supported by any facts, so there’s no point speculating on how he’d do against the loaded Golden Boy side at welterweight. One thing’s for sure is that Bradley would have been the lead candidate for Floyd’s May 2014 date if he weren’t under Top Rank (sorry, Amir Khan).

Marquez has cried robbery. Hopefully Juan cools down and give credit where it’s due because Bradley legitimately beat him, something that couldn’t be said since Mayweather in 2009. Marquez has nothing left to prove at 40, but it’s almost assured he’ll fight on. He’ll still make for exciting matchups with Brandon Rios and the winner (or loser) of Alvarado-Provodnikov.



UNDERCARD: Vasyl Lomachenko made a successful debut in knocking out Jose Ramirez in four rounds to pick up the WBO international featherweight title. Lomachenko dropped Ramirez in the opening round with a high-arching right hook. Ramirez recovered and brought heavy, mauling pressure in hopes of dragging Lomachenko into a brawl. The pro rookie responded by straightening out his shots at mid-range and ripping quick combos inside, the latter resulting in a left uppercut to the solar plexus that put Ramirez down for good. The word, as insane as it sounds, is for Lomachenko to face Orlando Salido for the WBO featherweight strap in January, and possibly Guillermo Rigondeaux by the end of 2004. Should he win those fights, it would be the most remarkable start to a pro career in the modern era.

[dailymotion k25Tc8j7SoSgPE4L9H2]

Orlando Cruz showed his toughness, but was ultimately overwhelmed by the brutish strength of Orlando Salido. Cruz tried to use his quicker legs, but couldn’t avoid the heavy body shots. By the fourth, Salido started to consistently bring the right hand upstairs when Cruz was trapped on the ropes. Outside of a break Salido took in the fifth, it became a systematic beatdown to the final bell in the seventh. This is the second notable Puerto Rican southpaw to fall at the hands of Salido, with Juan Manuel Lopez being the first.

[dailymotion kZEVb61MmhiRJM4LabZ]

In the opener, Sean Monaghan took a few clean shots (as usual), but easily broke down Anthony Smith to score a third round stoppage. Smith started to take a heavy shots at the end of the second, and Monaghan quickly closed matters in the third with a series of hooks. Monaghan, now ranked in the Top 10 at light-heavyweight, hopes to face a name contender in early 2014.


  1. Bradley really impressed last night (this morning), I thought he controlled the fight superbly with his jab, when he threw the right hand he had real success, but for the part the jab was spot on all night… Funnily enough when they stood and traded wild shots Bradley landed the big punches, I wouldn’t of thought that before the fight! The Provodnikov fight seemed to of made Bradley fight alot smarter… I dont know how one of the judges had Marquez by, I think it was 113 – 115 smh

    Only a side note Lomachenko looked awesome didnt he? I definitely dont think hes ready for a world title or to win and defend a title (if he did win one next fight) just yet, but daum I was looking forward to his pro debut and it didnt disappoint! His footwork was incredible…

    1. Bradley is really hitting his stride. His confidence is very high right now and it showed with how he handled Marquez. Lomachenko looks great but this title shot in January nonsense could potentially ruin him. Hope they cool off on that nonsense.

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