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Andre 3000 Teams with Ke$ha to Rip a “Sleazy” Pop Track

Andre 3000 has many faithful fans out there. Even thought they're awaiting a proper Andre solo album, and the comeback of Outkast, Dre's been in no hurry.

“She call me Andre 6000 because I’m good to her…”

Andre 3000 has many faithful fans out there. Even though they’re awaiting a proper Andre solo album, and the comeback of Outkast, Dre’s been in no hurry. After a busy 2007 where he blessed a bunch of remixes, 3k has been content with dropping a few verses every year, and usually on the songs of R&B stars (Chris Brown’s “Deuces Remix”, John Legend’s “Green Light,” and Ciara’s “Ride Remix”). He continues that tradition with this leaked remix of Ke$ha’s “Sleazy.”

No doubt, many rolled their eyes when reading this title. But soon you will be nodding your head approvingly once you hear Andre’s opening verse. 3K laces a nice, conversational verse about his favorite topic of late, love. He spins a tale about a childhood crush, and effortlessly maintains a conversational flow as frenetic drums weave in and out. When emcees hit their mid 30s, sometimes their flow begins to suffer. There’s absolutely no sign of that here. Unfortunately, this is “Ke$ha featuring Andre,” so 3k bows out just after the first verse. While this is a decent pop song, you’re left disappointed in getting just one Andre verse, which in turn leaves his narrative story incomplete.

Let’s hope this means Andre Benjamin will get his solo LP out ASAP. For about two years, Big Boi has said a new Outkast album will come once Andre’s project drops. How great would 2011 be to get both a 3K solo and Outkast LP?!




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