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We are now roughly 24 hours away from the anticipated clash between former titlists Lucas Matthysse and Ruslan Provodnikov. Both fighters made the junior welterweight limit and look to be in the excellent shape. There isn’t any doubt about the punching power each man possesses. The glaring question mark going into Saturday night is who will prove to be more resilient in the face of hellacious punishment?




PREDICTION: A lot of people are picking Provodnikov based on the fact he’s proven to be more “durable.” Although neither man has been stopped, we’ve never seen Ruslan discouraged or tentative to press through punishment like we saw Matthysse in his loss to Danny Garcia.

When this fight was first announced, I was among those who favored the Siberian Rocky. But now I’ve switched allegiances to The Machine. First, Matthysse is flat-out the more skilled fighter. He’ll never be confused for a defensive wizard, but he’s far from a face-first brawler and you can expect him to mix up his attack between countering off the backfoot and coming forward with massive power shots. Matthysse is much better at cutting off the ring, timing his counters and dictating distance. Give Provodnikov any semblance of movement and his effectiveness greatly diminishes, as we saw in his outings with Tim Bradley and Chris Algieri.

Second is the experience factor. Matthysse has already survived against punchers like Garcia and John Molina (the latter being the 2014 Fight of the Year). For as much as we talk about Provodnikov’s power, Matthysse is by far the biggest puncher he’s ever faced. Yes, Ruslan’s one of the toughest active fighters in the game. But he also wide open to get teed off on. It’s one thing to eat power shots from Bradley and Algieri — if Matthysse lands anything near what those two did, and it’s no stretch to believe Provodnikov’s chin will finally be cracked. MATTHYSSE TKO8



DULORME: 139.2

PREDICTION: The co main event will be the 140-pound debut of Terence Crawford. He faces the talented Thomas Durlorme, who just squeezed by Hank Lundy a few months back. Dulorme is a talented offensive fighter when he’s allowed to fight comfortably at a moderate pace without pressure. Unfortunately for him, I expect the southpaw Crawford not to give Dulorme any chance to rest mentally nor physically.

Crawford is a sharp puncher and a few flush shots from that left hand will put Dulorme in a shell. By the mid rounds Dulorme will be mentally broken. CRAWFORD TKO7


BeatsBoxingMayhem is offering a live stream of today’s official weigh-in for the Showtime debut of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. against Andrzej Fonfara. The bout airs Saturday April 18 live from the StubHub Center in Carson, California.


This Saturday (April 18) HBO and Showtime will air their own one-hour specials chronicling the six-year journey to making Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. HBO’s At Last film covers Pacquiao’s preparation and perspective. Showtime’s Inside Mayweather vs. Pacquiao will handle Mayweather’s side.

At Last airs at 11:45 p.m. ET or immediately following Matthysse vs. Provodnikov. Inside Mayweather vs. Pacquiao airs at 10 p.m. ET or immediately following Chavez vs. Fonfara.



The anticipation for Star Wars Episode VII grows with today’s release of the second teaser trailer. The two-minute clip features a new (and presumably more deadly) stormtrooper, another glimpse of that cross lightsaber, and the reappearance of two favorites from the original trilogy.

Hurry up, Christmas.


When it’s all said and done, DJ EFN’s Another Time will probably go down as the best compilation album of 2015. “Paradise” is my favorite track from that project and it gets a nice video showcasing the three emcees enjoying different levels of entertainment at the same club.

[Video] Rihanna – “American Oxygen”

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Rihanna’s unleashes a new video for her political track “American Oxygen,” which will be featured on her upcoming eighth studio album.


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Julio Cesar Chave Jr. and Andrzej Fonfara held their final press conference on Thursday at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. The fighters and their trainers weighed in on the fight with the below comments.


I had a great training camp. I feel better than ever. I am ready for the fight.

I know that this is a new weight class for me. I realize that Fonfara is very tough and bigger than me, but I am up for the challenge.

I have worked on my boxing during my one year off, and I am very excited and motivated to get back in the ring.

I have worked so hard for this fight because I am fighting in a new weight class. I must punch harder, so I have focused on getting stronger during this training camp.

I have a great chin, I know how to take punches and my conditioning is great. A lot of fighters can take a punch, but I can take multiple punches and not be hurt.

I think that Andrzej Fonfara is one of the best fighters in the light heavyweight division. Inside of boxing, everyone knows who Fonfara is. He knocked down one of the best boxers in the world in Adonis Stevenson.

Fonfara is disciplined in the ring, but he doesn’t vary his punches.

I understand that my dad didn’t want me to take this fight. I had bigger names I could’ve fought, but I think that Fonfara is a great challenge for me and I like the challenge.

I would like to thank SHOWTIME for making this fight happen.



I’m prepared very well and I’m ready for this fight. It’s been a great camp like always. I train hard for each fight.  I’m a tough boxer who is feeling great. The weight is good and everything is perfect.

I must put everything into Saturday night and I will win the fight.

I must look even better than I did against Stevenson. Everyone said I looked good, but I lost the fight. I didn’t want congratulations because I did not win the fight. But this time I will win the fight.  I’m ready for a decision or for a knockout.

I’m ready with a couple of plans. I don’t want to run around the ring, I want to fight tough. I’m going to use my jab and my right hand, which is my best punch.

I’m not worried about what his father said about not fighting me. Chavez Jr. wants to fight and I will show him that his father was right.

It doesn’t matter how I win, I want to win this fight and get my rematch with Adonis Stevenson.

Chavez Jr. is a great fighter. He uses a lot of combinations and has a powerful punch that I must be ready for. I want to show the whole world how good I am when I win this fight on Saturday.

If I get the chance, I’m going to knock him out. It’s boxing so you never know what will happen. I want to box round-by-round and win this fight.

I lost the fight with Stevenson but I showed that I was a good boxer. I’m a much smarter fighter now because of that experience. That was a fight at the top championship level.

It doesn’t matter what Chavez Jr. says at a press conference, we’ll be in the ring Saturday and everything will happen there.

Fan’s can expect heavy punches, knockdowns and a great fight.


AMIR IMAM, Undefeated Super Lightweight Contender

I’m confident going into this fight because of how I train. I have put my heart and soul into this sport since I moved to Florida three years ago. I left everything behind to better myself.

I’m going to stay smart and composed in there and do everything I can to get the win.

I don’t feel like I need the knockout to come away with a successful fight. But, you better believe that if there is an opportunity to knock him out, then I will take advantage of it.

In 2015, I want to become a world champion. This is my breakout year. A lot of people have been buzzing about me. I want to become the WBC world champion, that’s what I’m heading for.

I know he’s [Castillo] a good opponent, he’s got a great resume, and he’s coming to fight. He has a great record, so that alone shows what he’s capable of. Come Saturday night may the better man win.

I’ve boxed styles like [his] plenty of times, but you never know, he could come out different Saturday night.

I’m ready to put on a great show for the SHOWTIME audience.


WALTER CASTILLO, Super Lightweight Contender

I’m coming here to fight. I can tell you one thing, Amir Imam made a big mistake by taking this fight.

I’ve fought a lot of tough fighters; my two losses were by decisions where I feel I was robbed. I’ve fought better fighters than Amir has.

Come Saturday, I’m going to announce to the whole world that Walter Castillo is here to stay and he’s going to be a world champion.




Being in Los Angeles is like being in Mexico for me; I have had many great memories. I became the world champion for this first time here and my son also became the world champion for the first time here, too.

Julio definitely has a very difficult fight ahead of him.

If I was Julio’s manager, I wouldn’t have taken this fight. Fonfara is a difficult and tough fighter.

My son wants to fight fighters of quality and wants credibility in boxing.

Julio has worked and trained very hard for this fight .He has the capability to win and we expect that it will go very well.


JOE GOOSSEN, Chavez’ Trainer

Julio has a window here the next five, six, seven years that he can capitalize on.

I think he’s left the childish stuff behind, and we’re all guilty of being childish.

I think that Julio has surprised his father with his determination heading into this fight.

He’s got a left hook to the liver that just sends a shock through your body.

He’s not soft. He’s a real fighter. I have been around enough fighters to know that he’s a real fighter.  Number one, he has the never-say- die attitude in there.

We’re up against a very well-schooled, blue collar, workmanlike  fighter in Fonfara.

He is an athletic, improvisational fighter, in that you don’t know where everything’s coming from.

I’ve watched a lot of Fonfara tape, and he pretty much repeats what he does, but he repeats it well.

This is going to be a battle. You’ve got two contrasting styles and personalities.

Julio has 51 fights under his belt. He’s no rookie and he comes from a great bloodline.  (In the short time I’ve been with him, it has been) more of an association than a dictatorial effort between the two of us.

Based on former camps, he’s never really extracted himself from comfortable surroundings and put himself in a position where he is completely isolated like he was in Lake Tahoe.


SAM COLONNA, Fonfara’s Trainer

Fonfara could turn it up whenever. He could be down on the scorecards and one punch he throws could change someone’s world. He’s proven in the past that he has power in both hands.

The styles in this fight are perfect for each other. When people ask about the fight I say it could go either way, it depends on who catches the other first.

I’m looking for Fonfara to dominate, but Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is a warrior, he comes to fight, he knows how to go to the body like his father used to, so we’ve been working on all of these strategies.

A knockout win would be a dream come true to me. That’s what I’ve been looking for all these years. Winning this huge fight would change everything for Fonfara and myself.

This camp that Andrzej had was the best we’ve ever had. He worked hard, he had time to train and there’s no excuses.

We’re coming to fight a war. Don’t forget that wars are won by strategy.

People say to listen to your father. His father told him not to take this fight, but he took it anyway and that was a mistake.

I see this fight not going past 10 rounds,  with us getting the knockout.


 STACY  MCKINLEY, Imam’s Trainer

Amir has always trained very hard, but I did see a change in him in this training camp after the last fight. He has stepped up his training by two levels.

He learned a lot about his fight against [Fidel Maldonado] under the bright SHOWTIME lights at the MGM Grand.

 Amir is always confident going into each fight, but he made a mistake in the Maldonado fight. He rolled his right hand and forgot about  the left hand and was knocked down. He had to pay for his mistakes but it’s all a learning experience, he still has only 16 professional fights under his belt.

Castillo has a great jab and good combinations. A guy like that throws a lot of punches, but there is a technique to breaking down a fighter like that.

We can’t spend a lot of time on the ropes, and we must go after his body because his body is weak. Castillo is going to get knocked out on Saturday.

I think that Amir is going to open up a lot of eyes on Saturday.