Ciara Sues Future in $15 Million Dollar Defamation Lawsuit

Posted: February 9, 2016 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Ciara has opened a $15 million dollar lawsuit against Future, accusing her ex and child’s father of libel and slander.

Per TMZ Sports, the suit alleges Future (Nayvadius Cash) has used his recent music, social media and interviews falsely claim Ciara is keeping him from their son, also named Future. The lawsuit also accuses the rapper of making false criticisms about Ciara’s aptitude as a mother.

“This bitch got control problems … I gotta go through lawyers to see baby future … the fuckery for 15k a month,” Future tweeted in January.

In addition to the money, Ciara is requesting that all tweets addressing or alluding to her be deleted and a gag order enforced on family matters.


Ciara has had enough. Look, musicians are usually given a bit a leeway to put breakups into their music. Nas and Robin Thicke are recent examples. Decades go, Marvin Gaye used that motivation to drop a classic in Here, My Dear (ironically, Marvin got sued by his ex-wife for being too detailed about their relationship).

So is Ciara being petty or is this justified? I’m leaning towards the latter. Calling your child’s mother a “bitch” in public is just classless, plus these issues aren’t confined to a song or two. Future is voicing it in music, interviews and his own social media. And now that Ciara is engaged, it’s understandable why she’d want this business closed off to prying eyes.

Is Future going to end up paying $15 million? Highly unlikely. But expect a settlement of some kind where he’ll keep his mouth shut about Ciara and Russell Wilson.


Last year, Missy Elliott got a huge profile assist when Katy Perry brought her out for the Super Bowl 49 halftime show. Today, Missy has a new dance track ready before Super Bowl 50 entitled “Pep Rally.”

You’ll also hear this song in the below Amazon ad that’ll air during the game.


[Video] Beyonce Celebrates Black Culture in “Formation”

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Queen Bey taps into her Creole and country roots for the funky video to “Formation.” There’s a few other dope bells and whistles, including a nod to the Duece’s old “Daisy Dukes” video, antebellum dress and the Black Lives Matter movement. Ok ladies, get in formation…


For their second collaborative album, Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud add Cali legend Snoop Dogg for “Morals.” Per the duo, this link-up was coveted for a long time.

“We only wanted one person on this album and that was Snoop because he’s someone both of us grew up listening to heavy,” said notes Harry Fraud.

“Snoop is one of my favorite artists ever,” DZA added. “It was the first cassette tape I ever purchased and I finally got the chance to work with him.”

DZA and Fraud’s He Has Risen album is set to drop on March 4.


If Ceelo is your priest, it’s safe to say your marriage is doomed. In the long-awaited video for “Down in the DM,” Yo Gotti tries to keep his friend’s wandering eyes focused on the alter and his beautiful bride. That bachelor party looked lit.


Future – “Fly Sh*t Only”

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Future_EvolOne day before he debuts EVOL exclusively on Apple Music, Future made an appearance Zach Lowe’s Beats 1 show to leak the album cut “Fly Shit Only.” The project is available for pre-order on iTunes.


Nicki Minaj is at her raunchy best on this remix for Yo Gotti’s “Down in the DM.” She focuses on her seductive powers and why most men have too much “fuckboy” in them to stand a chance with her. Former adversaries catch small shrapnel in Lil Kim (“Even Queen Bee had to tell them I’m the queen”) and Miley Cyrus (“I asked Miley what’s good…”). In light of recent news, Nicki makes sure to end her verses chock full of ass play images.