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Are you ready to float? After months of anticipation, we return to Derry, Maine for our first look at the monster known as It. Playing the terrifying clown is Bill Skarsgard. For those concerned about the young actor living up to Tim Curry’s Penny wise, the Georgie scene might eliminate your fears.

It comes to theaters on September 8.




The return of our favorite web-slinger draws closer. The second trailer for Spiderman: Homecoming is masterful in giving fans a clear look at the motivations of the franchise’s newest Spidey in Tom Holland.

We find out that young Spidey is continuing his mentorship under a wiser Tony Stark (Iron Man), who seeks to prevent his apprentice from repeating the mistakes he himself made in Civil War. Spiderman’s first test comes from the ruthless Vulture (Michael Keaton), who threatens everything Spidey holds dear and forces the teenager to grow up quickly.

Homecoming hits theaters on July 7.


Justice for all! The long-awaited trailer for Justice League is here. Heavy emphasis is placed on the newcomers to the DC cinematic universe, namely Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash.

The tone and look of the movie will give you flashbacks of Suicide Squad, which can be good or terrible depending on your stance on that film. Trendy music and jokes aboundΒ so the success of Justice League will come down to how well they pace the new character origins against the looming threat of Darkseid and his minions. And perhaps most importantly, it looks like we’re finally getting a project where Aquaman gets some god damned respect!

The absence of Superman looms large, but it’s hard to imagine we don’t see the the team’s flagship leader resurrected (note the Lois Lane appearance). All questions get answered in November.


J. Cole and HBO have joined forces to announce 4 Your Eyez Only: A Dreamville Film. The documentary will follow Cole as he explores the country and interacts with people from neighborhoods in Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Ferguson and his native Fayetteville. The project will also be interspersed with Cole performances from his recent tour. The film airs on April 15 at 10 p.m. ET.


In the much-anticipated second trailer for Wonder Woman, fans get a closer look at Diana’s homeland of Themyscria. We see her intense training as a young prodigy which later translates to her deadly fighting skills. Also, a mysterious phrase (“She must never know what she is.”) makes us wonder about Diana’s true nature. Is she more than just an Amazon?

Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.



Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter this morning to release a new Deadpool short entitled “No Good Deed.” The online drop coincides with the clip being shown in theaters before Logan.

As expected, the teaser plays on existing superhero movie tropes from Superman’s phone booth change to a Stan Lee cameo. Although “No Good Deed” is self-contained, it does serve to assure fans the same off-the-wall humor from the first film will be continued.


Big hair and leotards are making a comeback this summer. The short-lived 80s women’s wrestling show GLOW will reach a new audience as a Netflix series starting June 23.

Alison Brie plays Ruth Wilder, an out of work actress who decides women’s wrestling is her last chance at stardom. The cast also features Marc Maron as a coked-out, B-movie director named Sam Sylvia, and Betty Gilpin as Debby Eagan, a former soap opera star who gets sucked into the GLOW world after having a baby.

For those of you too young to remember GLOW, check the second video and try not to cringe (those bars!).