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Three Peat: Joe Budden – “Afraid” (Drake Diss)

Budden has more words for Drake...


That cover is awesome. Just a few hours after the release of Drake’s diss on French Montana’s “No Shopping,” Budden unleashes a near 6-minute retaliatory track he had in the chamber. While Drake painted Joe as someone who failed to succeed on the biggest stage, Budden uses “Afraid” to portray Drake an artist fearful of maintaining his status and creatively bankrupt. The narrative Budden crafts runs the full spectrum on Drake’s career low points, from the Blackberry freestyle incident and groupie simping to the Pusha T beef and last year’s ghostwriting fiasco.

In a way, this trilogy covers all angles you could think of to diss Drake. From Budden’s end, I think his work here is finished.

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