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[Video] Birdman Runs Up on the Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Still Clowns

Congrats, Birdman. You played yourself.


In today’s edition of “rappers on their feelings,” Birdman made a brief but highly memorable appearance on The Breakfast Club. Apparently, Birdman feels the trio have not been “respecting” his name. Before sitting down, he gives the group a tongue lashing and warning to stop the disrespect. It’s unclear if the Cash Money founder was aware the cameras were rolling.

Once the cameras start rolling, Charlamagne tries to get Birdman to explaining exactly what the issue is. Birdman refuses while still taking shots, most notably claiming he could have gotten to Charlamagne out in the streets. Then Charlamagne deads that tough talk with a few sentences.

Did you pull up on Ross that way or Trick Daddy? I’m the radio guy, don’t act tough with the radio guy.

And with that, Birdman makes his exit.


I thought Charlamagne was the “bully” that only went in on select people? In this case, Birdman came off like an imbecile. Vague statements and passive aggressive threats don’t deserve respect, so Charlamagne was on target with calling out the selective tough guy routine. Birdman was given a few simple questions and his “fight or flight” instincts kicked in quick.

Congrats, Birdman. You played yourself.

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