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2015 Boxing Awards #5: “It’s Time, Bro” aka “No Mas”

These fighters gave us thrills in years past, but in 2016 they need to be saved from themselves.


In the end, most boxers are betrayed by what made them great. The unwavering confidence in their abilities and otherworldly tolerance for pain creates a grand delusion of not knowing when to walk away. Here, BeatsBoxingMayhem covers the Top 5 fighters that showed in 2015 they need to call it a day.




Y’know, there was a time long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, when Ricardo Mayorga was the undisputed welterweight champion of the world. In that time, Mayorga’s chain-smoking performances were hilarious. These days, you worry about the old man’s health when you see those antics.

His lone in-ring appearance was a rematch nobody asked for against Shane Mosley. The most memorable thing from the fight was a clearly staged press conference where Mayorga smacked the ample backside of Mosley girlfriend, creating a short scuffle. Regarding the fight, Mayorga found a nice spot on the canvas in round six after catching some solid body shots.

Mayorga was fun for his time in the early 2000s, but his antics are relics that in 2016 should be confined to our DVD players and YouTube histories.




Lacy was one and done very quickly for 2015. In January, contender Sullivan Barrera beat on him in four one-sided rounds to give “Left Hook” his sixth defeat. Lacy has only fought five times in the last five years, going 2-2 with the losses being KOs to the only credible opponents in Barrera and Umberto Savigne.

At 38 and a full 10 years removed from his prime as the IBF super middleweight champion, there is nothing left in boxing for Lacy as an in-ring talent.




“The Handsome Man” had a nice 2014 in scoring a great come from behind KO over PBC prospect Thomas Williams Jr. That victory got Campillo steady PBC work, but you can argue Al Haymon might have been punishing him considering the type of beasts he was required to fight.

First, Campillo faced Artur Beterbiev in April, who crushed him in four rounds. Five months later, he got another hard puncher in prospect Marcus Brown, who needed less than a minute to leave Campillo on his knees.

The Beterbiev bout was at least an eliminator for the #2 spot. But those two lopsided defeats have Campillo unranked by any sanctioning body. He’s 37, chinny, and in a division with a growing number of heavy punchers on the rise. Now would be a good time to make a graceful exit with faculties intact.




At 51, Ruddock ended a 14-year retirement and returned to the ring this year. He won two fights, setting up a September clash against Dillon Carman for the Canadian heavyweight title. Ruddock ended up laid out in the third round.

Ruddock tried to appeal the decision, stating the KO was set up by “illegal blows.” That let’s you know that Ruddock isn’t accepting his time his up and may try to fight in 2016.




If you saw Roy’s last fight against Enzo Maccarinelli, no explanation. Jones will stay on this list annually until he realizes he can no longer compete against competent fighters. His dream of winning the cruiserweight title is going to get him killed in the ring. And don’t forget, four years ago Roy was getting treatment for head trauma issues. ENOUGH, Roy.

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