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David Lemieux Weighs In on Golovkin’s Competition and “Most Feared Man” Title

David Lemieux speaks on Golovkin's hype.


IBF middleweight titlist David Lemieux not only wants to unify against WBA beltholder Gennady Golovkin, but also anoint himself as the division’s most feared fighter.

Last week, Golovkin was named #2 on ESPN’s Top 10 Pound 4 Pound, eliciting debates among media and fans on the merits of such a lofty ranking. Lemieux, although not privy to Golovkin’s matchmaking process, believes GGG has bested enough Top 10 middleweights to justify the hype.

“As far as Golovkin, he’s had some detractors saying that the level of opposition has not been there,” said Lemieux. “Well I believe, although I can’t know for sure, he has fought the best available guys. There is no doubt in my mind that Golovkin is one of the best middleweights in the world and his numbers speak for themselves. So is the hype warranted, well you know he has fought on HBO 8 or 9 times which is obviously tremendous exposure hence it adds to the hype couples with the KOs.”

Supporters of Golovkin take Lemieux’s stance further, adding the “best available guys” are the only fighters not afraid of the challenge. Despite being viewed as no lower than #2 at middleweight for the last several years, Golovkin has been denied a shot at the linear title. Whether that denial is due to simple boxing politics or legit fear, Lemieux wants to seize the aura of fear Golovkin enjoys.

“He is perceived as one of the most feared boxers in the world yet after we fight that will be a new most feared man,” Lemieux promises. “I have now fought on HBO once and this is the second fight, on HBO pay-per-view. But after this fight I believe the boxing community and the whole world will be shocked saying Lemieux is the most feared.”

Lemieux faces Golovkin on October 17 live from Madison Square Garden.

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