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[Video] KOTY Contender: Danny Garcia TKO2 Rod Salka


Garcia Salka Fight Night-0015

Photo Credit: Amanda Kwok / SHOWTIME

Golden Boy Promotions/Hoganphotos

BROOKLYN, NY — Super lightweight champion Danny Garcia made short work of underdog Rod Salka, dropping him three times in the second round for a devastating technical knockout stoppage.

The much-maligned bout was every bit of the mismatch that most fans and critics predicted. Garcia towered over Salka, who’s spent most of his career at lightweight. Garcia punch selection was highly accurate — the champion countered Salka’s strategy of circling to the left with powerful right hooks. It would be the right hook that badly shook Salka for the first knockdown. The second came from a barrage of right hands that forced Salka to take a knee.

The third and final sequence came from Salka attempting to exchange and being ruined with a left hook counter.

Garcia’s win now sets the stage for a unification bout with Lamont Peterson, who scored a tenth round stoppage over Edgar Santana earlier in the evening.


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  1. I think the KO was bollocks, its was disgusting fight and total mismatch, nothing to be proud of at all in my book…

    Not to mention being a stone heavier… Garcia is a big puncher at his own weight and leval, fighting someone like Salka just multiplies it…

    Its dangerous I hope Salka got paid for putting himself in that kinda danger…

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