[Video] David Haye Advised To Retire After Shoulder Surgery; Fury States He’s “Always Been Afraid”


David Haye made the surprise announcement over the weekend that he’ll likely be forced into retirement following extensive surgery to repair his right shoulder.

Haye was preparing to face Tyson Fury on February 8 in a bout that had already been delayed once. Originally scheduled in September, the fight was postponed when Haye suffered a cut in sparring just a week before the bout.

Haye underwent surgery in Germany and released the below statement regarding the seriousness of the injury:

It’s a crushing blow for me. I had big plans to win back the world heavyweight title, something my amazing fans deserve.

The boxing Gods kept hinting that maybe enough is enough and that it’s time to finally hangup my gloves. I’ve been boxing for 23 years now and this has clearly taken a toll on my body. I can only offer my sincerest apologies to all those fans who have followed me over the years and, like me, wanted to finish on a real high.

Fury, who called into question the legitimacy of Haye’s last injury, made a statement on Sunday accusing Haye of always being “afraid” of going through with their contest:

I’m absolutely furious but in all honesty this is exactly what I expected. Everyone knows I was very suspicious when he pulled out the first time and this confirms to me that he’s always been afraid of me and never wanted the fight.

At press time, Fury has not disclosed if he’ll attempt to face another opponent on the February 8 date.


Back injuries, cuts, hand fractures and shoulder surgery. Haye has had enough fight pull-outs and postponements that any reasonable person would be suspicious. But this is the first time I recall that he’s seriously mentioned having to retire. Fury has every right to be pissed off because Haye had to have known there were issues with his shoulder while negotiating the February 8 date.

Haye hasn’t officially hung up the gloves yet, so we’ll see how this story develops in the coming weeks. Do you believe Haye, or is he crying wolf to set up another big comeback?


  1. I knew this fight would never happen, Haye has tarnished his career imo…

    And tbh he’s never really beaten anyone of REAL note aside from Chisora and fooling his way to victory over Valuev… He showed real heart to get up off the deck against Jean Marc Mormeck which is fair enough, but all hes done is get beaten by Wlad, win a side show fight Fraduly Harrison and an ancient John Ruiz and destroy Enzo Macrineli who is a mentally gone domestic/Euro fighter over here…

    I believe Haye clearly choose money and Hollywood over boxing, he never backed up his mouth and choose hyped up domestic fights over really applying his trade properly…

    1. You’re last sentence really sums it up concerning Haye. After such a good cruiserweight run, his heavyweight campaign has been a massive disappointment. I remember a UK writer calling him a “salesman” and that’s a perfect description. Still wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up announcing a “comeback” against Vitali. smh

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