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Meek Mill – “Kendrick You Next Freestyle” (Cassidy Diss)


Wow, I doubt even the harshest Meek Mill critic will have issues with his yelling on this one. MMG’s Philly representative invited himself to some classic beats to eviscerate Cassidy on everything from his failed label deals to his life-threatening car crash. If you liked Game’s extended disses to G-Unit from the mid 2000s, you should thoroughly this. We’ll see if Meek can come as hard at Kendrick Lamar, who he namedrops at the end as one of his targets for the intro to Dreamchasers 3.



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  1. Meek said “Get a blood test”…52 bars and running??? Said “You a Wanksta…50 even know.” Yooo….I salute you, Meek Mills.Even you are recruitin’…look me up.

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