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The Game Praises Ras Kass’ Lyrical Skill, But Claims KO Victory [VIDEO]

Don't hold your breath on a Game-Ras Kass track....

” I’ll beat you up and give you props at the same time.”

Don’t hold your breath on a Game-Ras Kass track. Yesterday on Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning show, Game was asked about possibly ending their issues and doing a song together. After joking about allegedly beating up Ras Kass on New Year’s, Game conceded that Ras was one of the most underrated artists from the West. Nonetheless, these two have been carrying this for years now. We’ll see if Ras uses this to launch another diss record. Note that Game said The Red Album is now looking at a late summer release date.

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  1. Gonna check this later, but least game giving props to Raz Kazzino… Ras is one of My favorite artists, think Hes just bein stuck in A place for years trying to Be conscious/political/commercial all in one, it often doesnt work… A.D.I.D.A.S was super dope though, I think He got it right on there…

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