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Magarito Camp Mocks Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s Disease

Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito may respect each other, but nothing appears to be off-limits between their camps when it comes to trash talk...

Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito may respect each other, but nothing appears to be off-limits between their camps when it comes to trash talk.

In a video interview from AOL Fanhouse’s Elie Seckbach, Antonio Margarito and fighter Brandon Rios each took turns mocking Freddie Roach’s Parkinson’s Disease . Both fighters shook their fingers and contorted their faces to mimic the trembling effect Roach suffers. Margarito and Rios’ actions were in retaliation to Roach’s criticism of Margarito joking about his hand wrap suspension on HBO 24/7, stating that the Tijunana Tornado’s was “a fucking asshole.”

Many retired fighters suffer from the disease, believed to be caused by constant trauma to the head. Presently, the most well-known fighter who battles the illness is Muhammad Ali, who has diagnosed with the condition in the mid 80’s.

In addition, Margarito trainer Robert Garcia continued to joke about his fighter’s illegal hand wrap scandal. He showed off a huge metal bar, which he sarcastically claimed that Roach should be on the look out for during the fight night hand wrap session.

The original video, which was edited earlier today by Seckbach, was saved by YouTube member PWDooood, and reposted on EastSide Boxing’s message board. It can be viewed below.


I don’t mind trash talk. I think it hypes up the event. As long as said trash-talker backs up his or her words, I say go for it. With that said, I also know that they there should be certain lines that are not to be crossed.

One of my favorite fighters, Muhammad Ali, famously crossed the line in his racial attacks on Joe Frazier. Ricardo Mayorga did so when he told Cory Spinks that he would reunite him with his dead mother. Juan Carlos Candelo advised Ugandan fighter Kassim Ouma that he would send him back to Africa on a banana boat. And we all remember just over a month ago, when Floyd Mayweather declared that Manny Pacquiao would cook him some rice and dog after they fought.

Count Margarito as the latest fighter to open his mouth before truly thinking. It’s no secret that boxing is one of, if not the most dangerous sport in the world. All fighters know that every time they step in the ring, they risk permanent damage and death. It boggles my mind that Margarito and Rios could joke about Roach’s Parkinson’s, considering that fate can possibly await them at the end of their careers. Especially Margarito, who’s chances of suffering from Parkinson’s or puglicitic dementia are higher considering the amount of punches he takes with his face-first style.

When I talked to Margarito earlier this week (check back later today for the full interview), he claimed that he wasn’t in on the 24/7 hand wrap gag. He can make no such excuse on this one. I’m interested to see how this is treated in the media, since we know if someone like Floyd Mayweather pulled this stunt, we’d have editorials for at least a week.

One thing this makes clear is that trash-talk is not Margarito’s expertise. He better off doing what he’s normally does; keeping his mouth shut and letting his fists do the talking.


  1. What A cunt, I hope He gets the beating of His life, I was at boxing earlier this evening, and one of My coaches reckons Margarito could win, I fckin hope not…

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