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Amir Khan to Bradley: “Who’s the Bitch Now?”

"Timothy Bradley is dying for a payday; tell him him get in the que of better opponents and wait his turn to get KO'd," Khan argued. "Remember one thing I'd beat everyone who you've beat I'd KO them in fact but you avoided Kotelnik and Salita. Who's the bitch now?"

UPDATE: It was later discovered that Khan had been arguing with a fake Bradley Twitter account. Still, it was good for laughs.

Earlier this week it was Lupe Fiasco and his old producer warring on Twitter. Yesterday, junior welterweight titlists Amir Khan and Timothy Bradley went at each other with friendly verbal barbs over a future fight.

Bradley began the debate by challenging Khan to unify their belts. The fighter nicknamed “The Desert Storm” said Khan would show his heart by facing him and not his rumored future opponent, Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Bring it on baby I will fight you next! If your a man face me next and not Marquez,” he stated. “No more Mr. Nice Guy! If I have to insult Amir Khan to get the fight then so be it. Amir stop being a sissy and fight me I dare you!”

Khan responded by telling Bradley to get in line and expect to get KO’d when they finally meet. Khan also claimed Bradley has ducked a few fighters on his resume.

“Timothy Bradley is dying for a payday; tell him him get in the que of better opponents and wait his turn to get KO’d,” Khan argued. “Remember one thing I’d beat everyone who you’ve beat I’d KO them in fact but you avoided Kotelnik and Salita. Who’s the bitch now?”

But unlike their rap counterparts, following the back and forth both the young fighters came clean that their words were nothing personal.

“I have left it with my promotion team and gave them a list of good names I want to fight. Nothing has been picked yet but they have my orders,” Khan explained. “Sorry I didn’t mean to sound big headed or cocky. I thank Allah for all my sucess and my fans for all the support. This is all a laugh guys.”

Bradley affirmed Khan’s words and hoped their trash talk can build to actual anticipated fight.

“Just want everyone to know me and Amir Khan respect each other. This was just a little controversy to create hype nothing serious,” he added.

Amir Khan currently holds the WBA title. Timothy Bradleys has the WBC and WBO belts.


Nothing like some good trash talk to build a fight. Unlike rappers, fighters aren’t looking to throw hands and get physical unless there is some money behind it.

But there are similiarities with some emcees who take the same approach when it comes to battling. We’ve all heard the mantra of rappers “not responding” because someone isn’t on their “radar” or “done enough.” Jay-Z recently used that on Beanie Sigel, and before on The Game. You could easily say both were looking to get at Jay for a “payday” or sorts in publicity.

But while battling has taken a back seat in Hip-Hop (thanks to 50 Cent’s overkill with contrived “beefs”), HBO would be sell served to have Khan, Bradley and Devon Alexander play up a brooding heated rivalry in the press. It’s rare to have three highly talented prime fighters in the same division. And it’s even more rare to have those three fighting on the same network. Putting these guys together is a no brainer for next year, and it’s a great way to build up the next generation of stars.

And whoever comes out of top will be the the division’s first undisputed champion since Kostya Tszyu.

Make it happen.


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  1. bradley stop being a bitch, an making black fighters look bad, fuck khan an allah to, that punk might be a sleeper cell,

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