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The CTE crew take their talents to a chop shop garage. “Sittin Low” good riding music that have some remnants of those old smoothed out Suave House tracks. Jeezy’s Thug Motivation 103 hits stores on December 20.

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T.I. has wisely created a video for “Hear Ye Hear Ye,” undoubtedly one of his best performances since coming home. Pharrell ain’t half bad on here either. Jeezy also returns the love from Tip’s “F.A.M.E.” video appearance. T.I.’s new Trouble Man album is still tentatively scheduled for an early 2012 release.

“Some nights I slept among the living dead to get this bread…”

Following a string of false starts, Young Jeezy has been getting some well-needed momentum heading into the December 20 release date for Thug Motivation 103. The lineup alone and the opening chords have you ready for an epic song. Jeezy keeps with the same content heard on “F.A.M.E.” about fair-weather friends and non-believers. Gibbs is the star here with a verse on the life and death pressures of drug life. Not an original topic for Hip-Hop, but Gibbs’ lyrics and mic presence create a vivid, engaging picture for the listener. Nonetheless, after the second verse you realize something’s missing… an Eminem verse. For whatever reason, a bad decision was made in just regulating Eminem to chorus duties. As Gibbs showed, Drumma Boy’s production was just asking to be ripped by a spitter with exceptional flow capabilities. Your left wanting more after just two verses.



Young Jeezy is kicking the weekend off strong with a new video for the T.I.-assisted “F.A.M.E.” and “I Do,” which features Jay-Z and Andre 3000.  The celebratory soul sounds and theme of making a commitment to marriage will remind you of Outkast/UGK’s “International Player’s Anthem.” The difference here is the personification found in lines from Jay that allude to a marriage to the street game. Unfortunately, Jay’s verse is the only new one as Andre and Jeezy’s parts come from when this song leaked on the internet over a year ago.



With Thug Motivation 103 dropping on December 20, it seems like either Def Jam or Jeezy’s camp is unloading anything that could possibly catch on as a single. That may be mistake. Jeezy’s last joint, the T.I. assisted “F.A.M.E.,” has potential to break out if it gets supported by a good video. “.38″ does not. Not that the song is bad, but it’s derivative of stuff you’ve heard before, even from Jeezy’s rival Rick Ross. Songs like this are better served for mixtape filler.



“Let’s decapitate ‘em/ Then we’ll see if he can wear his crown.”

Young Jeezy has had to endure album pushbacks and fan/critic chattering for well over a year now regarding the delays of Thug Motivation 103. It has to be both humbling and infuriating for an artist who just three years ago scored a platinum plaque now struggle to gain a foothold back in the commercial marketplace. Over the morose but engaging production of the Justice League, Jeezy details the anger he has at his doubters, and his determination to prove them wrong. Like his first post-prison release with Future, T.I. aesthetically doesn’t sound like he suffered any ill effects from his sentence. However, content-wise you’ll be feeling a severe case as deja vu as Tip rehashes his legal woes (“Another year of jail I promise this is it for me…”). This probably won’t be the breakout single TM103 needs, but it’s a strong offering for the LP.

YOUNG JEEZY FT. T.I. “F.A.M.E.” (Fake Ass Muthafuckas Envy) (Prod. By Justice League)


While Def Jam and Young Jeezy have settled on September 20 for TM103‘s release date, fans can still look forward to more music via a sequel to The Real Is Back. The original dropped just 3 months ago, so there’s a good chance that this sequel will be full of additional songs that failed to make TM103. Although this trailer definitely has an epic feel, it would have been much more effective with some music previews mixed in. At press time, The Real Is Back 2 has no set street date.

“Everything I do now is stadium…”

Don’t worry if you’re experiencing deja vu. This song sans Pusha and Kanye appeared last year on Jeezy’s 2010 tape The Last Laugh. It appears Shawty Redd and Jeezy have both given their blessing for this song to be on Pusha’s August 23 EP Fear of God 2. There’s a nice contrast here from the original, as Pusha and Kanye attack the beat at a hastened pace over Jeezy’s more authoriative, gruff and laidback delivery. 



“Say the hustler’s prayer/ Then I’m back to these streets…”

Young Jeezy has been treading water with Def Jam over the last two years trying to find the “right single” to launch his much delayed Thug Motivation 103. Jeezy’s latest single attempt, “Shake Life,” is definitely his most accessible from a production standpoint. The sample of Toto’s “Georgy Peorgy” is a classic in Hip-Hop due to MC Lyte’s version, so Jeezy has a lot to live up to. Instead of going with a star-crossed lover’s plot, Jeezy on the surface goes the more clichéd route of a celebratory club anthem. However, a closer inspection of the lyrics yields some social commentary lines on inner city vs. international warfare (“Niggas over there dying by true religion/Niggas dying over here over True Religions”), money problems and drug game perils.

Thematically, this is a continuation of the street struggles and desire for escapisim that Jeezy explored on 2008′s The Recession. Considering we’re in arguably an even worse economic crisis three years later, those topics are still worthwhile talking points. Overall, this track is a good balance of dope boy and everyday citizen hopes and fears. Now whether this is the commercial single Def Jam is looking for remains to be seen.



“Whole hood on that blue shit/ While I was riding around in that new shit…”

When you’re trying to get that buzz up for a major release, it doesn’t hurt to go back to your roots. That’s what Young Jeezy is doing in this new video for “Hustle Hard [G-Mix].” Shot in his hometown of Macon, Georgia, Jeezy flaunts his Crip affiliations over the production that fueled many of his more popular mixtapes. At this point, Def Jam just needs to pull the trigger on Thug Motivation 103. Sure, he hasn’t made any potential big crossover joints like “Sole Survivor,” but what rapper with his style has in 2011? Those days are over. Jeezy has enough dedicated fans for TM 103 to be profitable.

Until then, Jeezy will continue feeding his fans with these type of joints. Peep the behind the scenes clip following the video.