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Considering the music quality of “Anaconda” and the seminal song that inspired it, Nicki Minaj knew she had to pull out all the “bootyful” stops to keep folks talking about it. After about the first 2 minutes, you’ll agree that Nicki came through. For the fellas, you’ll get loads (no pun intended) of optic pleasure from this clip if you put the video on mute — twerking, creampie innuendo, gyrating and shapely bodies abound. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Young Money queen can execute such as sexualized video so flawlessly — let’s not forget her very name is a play on the ultimate male fantasy.

While the visual allure is not up for debat, her plump backslide won’t save the music quality of The Pink Print. It still remains to be seen if that project can live up to the “classic” moniker she’s been throwing around.

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Since her “Flawless (Remix)” wasn’t taken seriously, Lil Kim went back to the drawing board to create a longer diss at Nicki Minaj. The throwback Dilla beat, hilarious cover and retro Biggie flow are nice, but the poor man’s Max B chorus and sketchy mixing keep it from being as strong as it could have been. If we had to make an educated guess, Kim must be prepping a new project.

Should Kim let it go or does the idea of Kim vs. Nicki Round 2 sound appealing?




For the remix to “Flawless,” Beyonce goes into emcee mode and delivers the above slick line right out of Jay Z’s playbook. Bey was flowing and for a moment it looked like Nicki may have been upstaged. However, Ms. Onika closes very strong and acknowledges those who’ve been missing “Monster Nicki.”

And the interlude moments that replay the seminal melody from Outkast’s “Spottieottiedopalicious” was an excellent touch.



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Bell Biv Devoe already told us to never trust a big butt and a smile. Nicki Minaj’s mesmerizing “Anaconda” cover turned out to be the old bait and switch, as the actual song is completely underwhelming. Utilizing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s vocals from his early 90s hit “Baby Got Back,” Minaj muses on her vaginal prowess. The track is tongue in cheek at best and downright cheesy at worst, but the basslines are catchy and might just be enough to save it among some fans (and clubs). “Anaconda” will be included on Nicki’s forthcoming Pink Print album.



Nicki Minaj’s latest freestyle has her tackling the street anthem “No Flex Zone” from Mississippi brothers Rae Sremmurd. While it unsurprisingly doesn’t take much for Nicki to outrap the youngsters, it’s humorous to note she does with more bass in her voice than the original. No word yet on when her Pinkprint project will be dropping.


Due to sample issues, Future had to settle for releasing “Rock Star” as a free leak. Outside of a Nicki feature, nothing much was lost for this not being included on Future’s Honest. And considering the sample source, I can understand why George Michael didn’t care for Future’s dying cat vocals butchering a classic 80s ballad.

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Game gets to be one of the luckiest emcees in Hip-Hop for a few minutes as he plays Nicki Minaj’s love interest for her “Pills N Potions” visuals. The special effects are a little cheesy at certain points, but overall they fit with the pop rhythms. You can purchase “Pills N Potions” HERE.


You didn’t really believe that spiel Nicki was giving about The Pink Print being a complete return to her Hip-Hop roots, did you? The Young Money queen has made legions of fans over the last few years appealing to pop trends, so it would make little sense for her to alienate that segment of her diverse fanbase. The hook and production tips it about 60/40 in favor of her pop leanings, so it’ll be interesting to see if this single still finds a consistent home on traditional Hip-Hop stations.

“Pills N Potions” will be available later today on iTunes.


Soulja Boy has the easiest job in the world on this one. Despite of the highly repititve refrain from SB, Nicki Minaj gives another example of her high-powered flow by destroying her umpteenth trap beat. Some guys caught feelings off her “Looking Ass Niggas” track, so for this one Nicki mostly takes aim at underachieving females. With news that an official single is coming within two weeks, this will probably serve as one of, if not her last, street single before the media push for The Pink Print goes into overdrive.


Straight out of the 90s Busta Rhymes video playbook, the Young Money camp drops a surreal video “Senile.” The track is included on their compilation Rise of an Empire.