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Meek Mill isn’t giving up, y’all. Last night in his native Philly, Meek dropped a new freestyle diss at Drake. Since Meek stated at an earlier tour stop that he’s currently “not doing the studio thing,” he’s possibly using the remaining tour dates to test out some of these disses before recording a true follow-up to “Wanna Know.” In Meek’s mind, this battle with Drake is a marathon, not a sprint. Will this be enough to bait Drake into dropping the rumored “3-Peat?



Meek Mill has finally broken his silence with an official diss answer to Drake called “Wanna Know.” Starting off with the Undertaker’s ominous theme, Meek also incorporates the reference bars from Quentin Miller’s reference on “Know Yourself.” You can’t say Meek didn’t come back swinging. Is it enough to kill the “Back to Back” jokes? You decide.

UPDATE: Drake’s instagram response. A picture worth 1000 words.



Drake is back on the offensive with a second diss aimed at Meek Mill entitled “Back to Back.” Although I prefer the “Charged Up” beat, Drake has some sharper lines here. For an emcee that’s in touch with his feminine side, Drake has some hard-hitting lines regarding Meek’s masculinity:

Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers/You getting bodied by a singing nigga…”

Is it a world tour or your girl’s tour?

Shout out to all my boss bitches wifin’ niggas

If Meek loses despite having “ghostwriter” ammo, this goes down as the biggest on wax battle choke in Hip-Hop history.

Writer’s Note: What’s the deal with the cover? That is Toronto Blue Jays player Joe Carter right after hitting a home run to win the 1993 World Series. What team did he do it against? The Philadelphia Phillies.


Yesterday’s “All Eyes On You” video must have been the last straw for Safaree, who officially took his grievances to the booth with “Lifeline.” Despite cringing with that opening chorus, the song improves as it goes along and Safaree definitely went in on that closing verse. This isn’t going to change the narrative since Nicki and Meek have legions of fans, but I respect Safaree for attempting to defend himself from the heapings of social media slander those two have inflicted on him.

Now the bigger question — buy or sell on the belief that Safaree was a ghostwriter for Nicki? Dude sounds exactly like her on this. Maybe he was doing it for effect, but this raises a few more interesting questions in light of the ongoing Drake fiasco.

Speaking of Drake, he should’ve given that “Charged Up” beat to Safaree.


Love ballads in the midst of a brewing battle? Timing aside, Nicki Minaj is looking lovely in this clip for the Omeeka duet “All Eyes On You.” That scooter shot is unintentional comedy. Meek latest set, Dreams Worth More Than Money, is in stores now.


Meek Mill set the rap industry ablaze late Tuesday night with a Twitter rant accusing Drake of using ghostwriters.

Meek claims the issues stem from Drake not supporting his latest album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, despite being featured on the project. Meek states that he found out Drake did not write his verse on their latest collaboration “R.I.C.O,” and mentions the name of up and coming rapper Quentin Miller as Drake’s rumored ghostwriter.

You can view portions of Meek’s rant below. At press time, Drake has not responded.

What a night, huh? A few things about this situation. One, there’s probably a lot of truth to Meek’s statements about Drake using a writer(s). Rappers do not just come into a studio and create melodies, hooks etc by themselves. However, having someone write out your raps fully is a mark against your status as an elite emcee, which Meek is arguing.

The other caveat is the fact Meek deleted all his pictures with Nicki Minaj off social media, sparking more rumors that these supposed issues with Drake’s pen is really a smokescreen to hide the fact Drizzy and Minaj had/have an intimate relationship.

Far as Drake’s response, he needs to take it to the booth with a direct answer. No subliminals on Twitter, interviews or in a song. The man challenged your pen game and worth as an emcee. I know many in the younger emcees shy away from direct confrontations, but there is no other way for Drake to handle this and not lose face.

To be continued…

The 2015 BET Awards are in the books. If you were on Twitter last night, you got a minute-by-minute recap of the entire show filled with hilarious memes and commentary. BET has its fair share issues, but you have to give the network credit for attempting to bring together the sprawling depth of the black experience in music and pop culture. Here are some of the notable moments (performance-wise) from the show.


NOSTAGLIA REIGNS AT BAD BOY REUNION: Diddy falling into an Acme black hole and 112 members being in dire need of oxygen tanks couldn’t stop the joy we all had seeing the Bad Boy crew back together. Despite some glaring omissions (Total, Craig Mack, G-Dep, Black Rob etc.), Diddy’s energy kept things flowing and the sheer medley of hits kept you ready for the set’s seminal moment – Lil Kim emerging from the bottom of the stage for her classic “Benjamins” verse. Gotta dock a full grade for French Montana getting stage time, though.

I wonder if Diddy charged extra publishing on the team just for old time’s sake.



MS. JACKSON GETS HER JUST DUE: Although there were some grumblings about the artists selected to pay tribute (Ciara, Tinashe, Jason Derulo), there is really no one outside of (maybe) Beyoncé that could combine Janet’s mix of dance and song. Wisely, the tribute trio opted just to focus on the iconic dance routines instead of attempting to sing. The dancing wasn’t as fluid in some parts but that’s just nitpicking on my part.



SMOKEY ROBINSON TRIBUTE: Judging by his vocals, Smokey Robinson didn’t need anyone to do his tribute. With that said, Tori Kelly did a good job and Robin Thicke wasn’t bad either, although his selection was highly ironic considering his lawsuit with the estate of another Motown legend, Marvin Gaye.




 OMEEKA AND CB: Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill had nice couple moment while pushing Meek’s new single “All Eyes on You.” The set was disappointing only in the sense we didn’t get to hear any of Minaj’s recent hits off The Pink Print.


FETTY WAP YOWLS SOME MORE: As a fellow Jersey kid, I’m always happy to see someone from my home state do well. “Trap Queen” might just be the Hip-Hop song of the year in terms of its exposure and immersion in pop culture. But the “wino signing” trend that’s been miring mainstream Hip-Hop in recent years has got to go.



TO PIMP A BET AWARDS PERFORMANCE: One of the best songs on Kendrick Lamar’s critically-acclaimed To Pimp a Butterfly album got a lively performance last night. Very strong symbolism with the flag and police cars. Plus we got a new verse.



PATTI LABELLE “SANGS” WITH K. MICHELLE AND TAMAR BRAXTON: It wouldn’t be a BET Awards show without Patti LaBelle “sanging.” K.Michelle and Tamar Braxton being mature adults was great, too. Your guess is as good as mine regarding what was up with Tamar’s Clockwork Orange eyeliner.


Who was your favorite performance? Check out the rest of the sets HERE.